AFFA David: I Will Not Drink Where You Bled Review

The debut EP from AFFA David will soon be here, and all three tracks are actually available for streaming right now. The band is brand new and features the bluesy stylings of Australia’s Jay Fraser who, now based in London, helped form a small band and did something a little bit different than his typical stripped-down acoustic offerings.

The EP, I Will Not Drink Where You Bled, begins with the gritty, distorted guitar-laden “Bull’s Chorus.” The vocals on the electrified (but minimalist) track echo the album title repeatedly near the end, and the song serves as a fantastically gripping first act to this tiny record. The other two tracks are plenty enjoyable as well, but don’t quite match the rough, raw, viscerally moving first. The whole experience echoes a kind of neo-folk blues that combines the on-edge energy of modern blues rock with the comforts of traditional folk musicianship and arrangement. It’s like a compelling marriage of Saintseneca’s rootsy charms and The Black Keys’ exciting groove-laden pacing, and you should pre-order it now.

The Review: 9/10

The Big Hit

– Bull’s Chorus

Review by Tyler Quiring

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