Johnny Mastro and Mama’s Boys: Luke’s Dream Review

Johnny Mastro and Mama’s Boys are a blues rock/soul band from Long Beach, California. Founded in 1994, the band now consists of Johnny Mastro on vocals/harmonica, Smokehouse Brown on guitar, Mike ‘Mississippi’ Hightower on bass, and finally Jimmy ‘Jimbo’ Goodall on drums. Their music is just as exciting and innovative as their names.

They take the blues genre, which was originally meant to express sadness, to the level of relaxation and a light buzz from a couple of beers. Any listener will start bopping their head, and stomping their feet when they listen to the album, Luke’s Dream.  Through out most of the songs, Johnny rips on the harmonica, taking listeners on a wild ride.

In the song, “Luke’ Stomp,” there is a steady banjo and harmonica rhythm, with colorful harmonic embellishments.  This song draws the listener in, and makes he or she feel as though they are jamming with the band. The style is evocative of a gin-soaked bar in New Orleans. One can imagine reconnecting with old friends, while listening to this song, at such a bar. One line from the lyrics is, “Yeah felt so good, see my old friends…where’ve you been?” Any listener can relate to this song about reconnecting with people they haven’t seen in a long time, and feeling as though they are part of the music.

Luke’s Dream is a great album for anyone who wants to hear the harmonica featured in many songs, and is highly recommended.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Luke’s Stomp
– Knee High
– Mr. JJ’s Man
– Thunder Roll

The Big Hit

– Luke’s Stomp

Review by Jon Zaccarini

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