What Makes a Good Blues Rock Song?

Blues rock is an exceptional genre of music that combines many different aspects into one brilliant idea. Elements of rock and roll are softened by a bluesy style, all combined over twelve-bar blues, for the most part, and packed into a unique sound. So, what makes a really good blues rock song? One thing that characterizes this type of music is the amount of improvisation that goes into creating a song. If you keep it fresh with a spontaneous atmosphere, then you are likely to immediately evoke the blues rock feel.

Give prominent positions in the instrumental arrangement to the bass guitar, electric guitar and drums. These form the core of a blues rock song and therefore will be the basis upon which you will arrange everything else about it. If you are listening to this type of music at home, while making dinner or playing on partypoker.com, then you will instantly be able to pick out the essence of its sound. Most blues rock bands contain two guitars, which can compliment each other, providing added interest and playing together. One guitar usually plays the riffs, to accompany the other one, which will take the role of lead guitar and play the melody or solos.

The traditional structure of a blues rock song is formatted to follow the 12-bar blues. However, just because a song follows this rule does not necessarily mean that it is going to be good. Many blues rock songs actually deviate from the mean and bring something unique into the genre. It is more a song’s soul than anything else, that can determine how good it ends up being. Some of the best blues rock songs tell stories. This makes them memorable for many reasons, from the haunting imagery to the emotional feelings that listeners are invited to share in.

– Nigel Thatcher

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