Tim “Too Slim” Langford: Broken Halo Review

Grab your cowboy hats and banjos because this album will take you all the way to the Deep South! Langford uses many instruments to produce the southern blues sound. It is like BB King with a more modern feel. On top of that, he is a one man band.

Every song has different instruments, and Langford plays them all. He plays acoustic guitar, dobro, tenor ukulele, harmonica, an electric bass, and programmed drums. If you do not know what a dobro is, it’s a resonator guitar mostly used in blue grass music. On top of this, his voice is like a country singer that is waiting to be discovered. What I mean by this, it’s like going to a bar in the Midwest, and finding some talented person, singing in the most unknown place.

In “Three Chords,” Langford plays the acoustic guitar like it was an extension of his hands. He produces a deep beat that resonates throughout the song. This song sounds melancholy, but a little upbeat sound within it makes listeners feel better. Not all of his songs are depressing, and sad. Some are upbeat, and happy.

An upbeat and happy song is “Princeville Serenade.” Langford plays a ukulele and this was a great choice because it’s such a happy song. Ukuleles are associated with Hawaiian music, but now they are becoming more mainstream. More and more musicians are playing this instrument. The high pitch sounds of the ukulele’s chords gives this song a happier feeling. I assumed the message of this song is that everything is going to bet better.

If you want music that you can listen to, while driving somewhere far, or when its raining outside, you should listen to Broken Halo, by Tim “Too Slim” Langford. His new solo album should not be missed. It is a treat to the listener’s soul.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Broken Halo
– Princeville Serenade
– Three Chords
– Watt Bulb

The Big Hit

– Princeville Serenade

Review by Jon Zaccarini

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