Carson Henley: 100 Hours Review

Carson Henley’s latest album release, 100 Hours, is a very true testament to who he is portrayed as an artist. Almost every review of Henley as an artist describes him as an extremely talented vocalist with upbeat yet relaxed catchy rock rhythms. Many compare him to artists like Gavin Rossdale because of the combination of his style of music and the fine-grit voice that he has. 100 Hours exemplifies all of these parts of Henley, an album that you could put on and listen to on repeat whether you’re home by yourself relaxing or having your friends over for drinks.

100 Hours has solid beats that keep your feet tapping and your head nodding throughout each song, like “Fire” and “Go Under.” 100 Hours is a very upbeat, positive record because it blends Henley’s voice so well with the melodies it uses, especially with Henley’s accompanied piano playing. Sometimes the simple combination of a piano melody and an unquestionably talented voice is all that an album needs to be as successful and wonderful as this album is. Every song on this album is a complete treat to listen to, a refreshing treat of a simple, talented album with no auto-tune and electric beats in sight.

Carson Henley only started singing in middle school when he was pushed to participate in his schools local talent show, and thankfully he hasn’t stopped since. Henley has a clean, beautifully simple voice that makes for some of the best uplifting songs I have heard in a while.

The Review: 9.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Go Under
– Where We Started
– Ain’t Gonna Dry Your Tears
– Fire
– Give It Up

The Big Hit

– Fire

Review by Victoria Espinoza

Pete Francis

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