Dan McKinnon Review

With one great lick, a genre can don a new face, a new energy and excitement. Enter Toronto native Dan McKinnon, stage left. With his self‐titled debut EP, Dan channels the guitar styling of Stevie Ray, and his burning passion for the blues is exemplified in each soulful riff. His modern yet classically blues‐infused take on the genre offers something fresh to the scene.

His classical jive shows through in particular on “Blues for Brother Nelson,” a fun, upbeat rhythm that makes you want to get up and swing to the music. As McCartney once said, “it’s got a back beat, you can’t lose it.” The rest of the album embodies a more blues‐rock remedy, touting the edgier riffs. McKinnon seems to get lost in his solos, which flow in and out of each song seamlessly. The passion for the music is evident in his classical themes of love; the good the bad and the ugly love‐the blues don’t discriminate. In the heartfelt ballad “Bad Habit,” McKinnon wails out a cry for escape from the uglier side of love, and his pain is evident in every lick. The hot track on this album, entitled “Satisfied,” boasts a powerful, catchy riff, along with signature solos throughout the song.

Dan McKinnon is certainly ready for the spotlight. His debut EP shines a light on the wide spectrum of sounds he can create. From the slow and soulful to the edgy solos that really bite, the road ahead knows no limits.

The Review: 7.5/10

The Big Hit

– Satisfied

Review by Don Tice

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