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Royal Southern Brotherhood crowns a new age of southern rock, forming quite the super group of blues‐infused artists including Mike Zito, Devon Allman, Cyril Neville, Charlie Wooten and Yonrico Scott (Derek Trucks Band). Devon carries the Allman legacy into new light, while staying true to his southern roots. As the name dictates, the band was forged by a brotherhood united by a common goal, to sing the blues. And not many can do it more justice than these gentlemen. The vocals of Mike Zito and Devon Allman coexist seamlessly, and their guitars follow suit.

The self‐titled debut album, Royal Southern Brotherhood, is a compilation of an altogether bluesy, funky, soulful experience that tingles the senses, reminiscent of the greats that came before. The album kicks off with a bellowing moan; yearning for a “New Horizon,” complete with an interlude to a howling, high on distortion, guitar solo. The album then interludes to passion‐lined ballads “Left My Heart in Memphis” and “Moonlight Over the Mississippi,” followed by a tasteful treat in the form of “Fire on the Mountain,” in tribute to the Grateful Dead.

RSB pick up the tempo in the latter half of the album, with hits “Gotta Keep Rockin’” and “Hurts My Heart,” a gritty and soulful weave of tones from Mike Zito’s vocals and guitar; a song for the common man (the 99% if you will). If that wasn’t enough funk for you just yet, then you haven’t gotten to “Sweet Jelly Donut.” This is one fun, funky cowbell of a time.

The album closes with “Brotherhood.” This instrumental is an excellent way to cap it all off, showing off this jam band’s true spirit and love for the music they create. These artists flow together under divine light and it truly shines on this track.

Royal Southern Brotherhood have come straight out of the gate and hit the ground running with their debut. If one thing is certain, these guys know how to create inspirational music, offering a full package of talented musicians who come together effortlessly as if it were only a matter of time. We the fans thank you for that.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– New Horizon
– Fire on the Mountain
– Gotta Keep Rockin’
– Hurts My Heart
– All Around the World

The Big Hit

– Hurts My Heart

Review by Don Tice

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  • with the line-up you have, i will buy this as soon as availible. Jelly donut is on sirius and it kicks ass. Thank you


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