Danny Bryant’s Redeyeband: Night Life Review

Playing live from Holland, British bluesman Danny Bryant offers up an aggressive rock and blues show that really gets the crowd pumping. Bryant’s wailing guitar and extended soloing is dominant throughout this live performance with a combination of blues styles from hard blues/rock to more morose, emotive songs. Bryant’s showmanship is always prevalent as he is constantly looking to get the crowd involved to great effect.

The album opens with a wailing guitar solo before beginning the song “Tell Me,” which includes a rocking beat and upbeat tempo as Bryant introduces himself with a fierce hook riff that commands attention. It’s a solid 12 bar rock song with Bryant’s raw, mid-Atlantic vocals adding power to the track effectively. The Band rolls straight into “Just As I Am,” a slowed down more poignant blues number with some pretty mean solo work by Bryant. Picking up the pace again Bryant and the band launch into “Heartbreaker,” a no holds barred rock song with a forceful riff that makes for excellent listening. With “Love Of Angels” Bryant slows things down with this moody, slow paced number. Bryant plays an extended guitar solo throughout and caps off the song well with a classy, building solo that really stirs the audience. Bryant then plays an acoustic number “One Look,” a country blues, love song with a sullen tone. Bryant plays it well and his overlaying vocals (slightly reminiscent of Springsteen) work wonderfully. Bryant moves into “Knocking On Heaven’s Door,” always a fan favorite and Bryant does a clean job of it creating an atmospheric blues adaption of the famous song. It’s very pleasing to hear the fans get involved, always the sign of a good showman. Bryant closes the show with “Always With Me,” a moody, bluesy ballad track.

If I could offer one criticism it would be that Bryant perhaps overuses soloing in his live performance. There is more to the blues than drawing out, soulful solos. Having said that this is a very good live album; you really feel the energy Bryant creates and every track is very likeable. Bryant’s guitar ability is quite awesome too. Here’s hoping that Danny Bryant, the “big man” of the blues, sticks around the UK blues scene for longer.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Tell Me
– Heartbreaker
– One Look
– Knocking On Heaven’s Door

The Big Hit

– Knocking On Heaven’s Door (always the most popular song)

Review by Josh May

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