The Black Keys: El Camino Review

El Camino, released on December 6, is the seventh album by Akron, Ohio natives The Black Keys. Following the 2008 release of Attack & Release, El Camino marks the second Danger Mouse produced album for the rock duo. Consisting of drummer Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach, who pulls double duty as vocalist and guitarist, The Black Keys’ newest release follows a strong period of success for the band. After winning three Grammy awards, it comes as no surprise that El Camino boasts catchy and powerful tracks that are sure to stay with the listener.

There is truly not a track on the album that disappoints. The opener, “Lonely Boy” is perhaps the best exemplar of what The Black Keys are capable of creating on this album, but only by a nose. Each song expresses the funk-driven syncopation of the drums and the heavy garage-rock of the guitar. There is a blues undertone to each of the tracks, in the chord progression and the guitar licks. “Run Right Back” is an example of where The Black Keys embrace more of a blues style. The opening is more or less a blues riff on guitar, which is then followed by the more typical rock style the band employs on their other tracks.

There is nothing bad to say about this album. This is not the kind of album a listener picks up once and never touches again. Not even an album where the filler songs are skipped in favor of the most popular singles. El Camino is an album to put on repeat, tirelessly.

The Black Keys have put forth one of the best albums of the year with El Camino, and with this release, their success is destined to continue. The style of music is versatile and will appeal to a wide variety of listeners and stays true to its indie roots. This is an incredible effort by the band and the work shines through. Each track comes off as an easy piece of genius. This album is nothing short of award-winning.

The Review: 10/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

-Lonely Boy
-Run Right Back
-Nova Baby

The Big Hit

-Lonely Boy

Review by Sarah Richmond

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5 thoughts on “The Black Keys: El Camino Review

  • Excuse me. Is it the sixth album?. I remember : 1. The Big Come Up 2. Thickfreakness 3. Rubber Factory 4. Magic Potion 5. Attack & Release 6. Brothers and the seventh album is El Camino. 10/10 Long Live The Black Keys!!!!!!

    • You are right. It has been corrected.

  • Let’s not forget Blakroc. That’s 8.

    • Yes, Blakroc! It seems not many people know they are part of that!

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