Joel DaSilva: The Midnight Howl Review

Hailing from Chicago originally, Joel DaSilva and the Midnight Howl have created an album in which the Chicago blues style is clear throughout each of the ten tracks on the album, whilst blending a rock and roll influence. The record often feels like good old fashioned bar room blues music with great energy and entertainment for the listener.

Setting the tone for the album is “Let’s Not Fight, Let’s Make Love.” The opening track has a steady beat twelve bar blues and with DaSilva, guitar licks are prevalent throughout the record. “Hanging On” is much more of a rock and roll track. “Try” is a simple and soulful track with DaSilva poignantly singing about regret whilst playing acoustic guitar and subtle guitar licks create a very pleasing song. “Boogie Real Low” follows, a rocky electric blues track with stinging guitar work throughout. “Heart of My Father” is the long blues ballad track on the album. The intro and outro sets the mood for the track with an accordion and a heart-rending little guitar medley before kicking into a soft and meaningful blues track. The Track “Every Night” has Just DaSilva playing a straightforward blues on an acoustic guitar. “For Don” and “Nitro’s Grease” are the two instrumental tracks on the album displaying Dasilva’s dexterity with his guitar work

The Midnight Howl is a competent, smart album with some striking tracks and with a variety to the music that means that the electric Chicago style never becomes dull. DaSilva’s guitar and vocals are strong and keeps the albums progression solid.  It’ll be interesting to see what DaSilva and the band do next in their contribution to the blues.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Try
– Boogie Real Low
– Heart Of My Father
– Who Knows

The Big Hit

– Try

Review by Josh May

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