Dark Stares: Tell Your Friends EP Review

Let me put this simply: Dark Stares rock. They have an immediately gripping sound that pulls the listener in. From the second their debut EP Tell Your Friends explodes into being, it is evident that these guys are going the distance. Their power is uncompromisingly steady, their skill obvious, and their energy focused and true.

I’m a bit reluctant to categorize Dark Stares because they truly deserve to stand on their own and not be compared to other bands, but I’ll do it anyway for the sake of our readers. Dark Stares are like equal parts of The Killers and Muse with tiny bits of The Mars Volta, all wrapped up with a compelling twist of deep-seated blues glory.

I make it sound like Tell Your Friends is perfect, and it’s not, but I’m just not nearly as interested in talking about the slightly inconsistent production or somewhat incohesive nature of the record as much as the fact that there simply isn’t enough of it. Luckily though, the four songs are succinct and to the point, and pack enough punch to more than make up for the fact that the whole record only lasts fifteen minutes.

When it comes down to it, production value is something that can improve with time, but the ability of a band to be able to immediately immerse their audience is something inherent, and not learned. Dark Stares have this talent in spades.

The Review: 9.5/10

The Big Hit: Invaders


“Whisky” Music Video

Review by Tyler Quiring

Pete Francis

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