Ian Siegal And The Youngest Sons: The Skinny Review

With his sixth studio album The Skinny (slang for “real deal”) British bluesman Ian Siegal collaborates with The Youngest Sons and has created a cool and groovy sound that runs throughout the album while also capturing the essence of traditional delta blues. The group have produced an album that can swing from light and chilled to darker toned songs effortlessly.

Opening with the title track, “The Skinny” is an electric country blues track driven by the deep baritone baseline and Siegel’s naturally cool voice which almost feels like a whisper. The second track “Stud Spider” starts with a jazzy drum beat followed by subtle, chopping wah wah guitar that oozes with coolness. “Hound Dog In The Manger” which is a nod towards blues legend Howlin’ Wolf; is the darkest track on the album powered by a menacing bass, sounding like a sinister sermon about the “devil being on my shoulder” with Siegal encapsulating Wolf’s husky voice. It’s followed by “Picnic Jam,” a sweet summary song with repeated lyrics “do you wanna party” and “move your body, from side to side.” Despite the change in tone between the two tracks from “Hound Dog In The Manger” to “Picnic Jam” it runs well and doesn’t feel out of place.

The track that stands out is “Devil’s in the Details” with a simple drum beat and hill country fife playing, Siegal hollers the lyrics and the group responds mesmerizingly with “the devil where the details at.” The song’s influence seems to be of the old field holler where the blues derives from. “Carry’s Nite Out” is great song in the style of the old delta blues, with just the voice of Garry Burnside and Siegal’s bottleneck slide it’s eerily reminiscent of a Robert Johnson song.

The Skinny stays in one gear in terms of pacing and style and it’s very consistent at it. It’s a great album which often feels raw and natural with a group of artists jamming, having fun and taking great pleasure playing together which is wholly enjoyable for the listener too.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Stud Spider
– Devil’s In The Details
– Hound Dog In The Manger
– Natch’l Low (Collin’ Board)
– Picnic Jam

The Big Hit

– Natch’l Low (Collin’ Board)

Review by Josh May

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