Sean Chambers: Live From The Long Island Blues Warehouse

Sean Chambers’ live performance From The Long Island Blues Warehouse consists of ten songs from his previous three studio albums in front of a fairly excited crowd. It’s an energetic show powered by a heavy, electric blues style with searing Hendrix-esque guitar licks and riffs. The album consists mostly of loud, bluesy riff driven tracks with a few slower tracks and two instrumentals; ending with a ten minute swan song “In The Wintertime,” which shows Chambers’ power and technical capabilities.

The album opens with “Dixie,” a cool and funky instrumental with Chambers building to a big wailing guitar solo towards the end. In the second track “Love Can Find A Way” we first hear the distinctive gruff voice of Chambers; the main chopping riff of the track holds essences of Hendrix that is present through most of the album. And there is a great joy in hearing a well placed harmonica solo half way through the song “Full Moon On Main Street” (a slower traditional blues song) and “Strong Temptations” (a 60’s rock track with psychedelic riffs) are the strongest tracks on the album dominated by Chambers’ howling voice. The midway track is a cover of Elmore James’s “Dust My Broom.” It’s a good cover of the classic blues song, with a country tint brought on by the harmonica playing.

The latter half of the album with tracks like “Crazy For Loving You” and “Danger Zone” seem a little recycled and almost a little repetitive. However the album is swiftly picked up by “Too Much Blues,” a head banging road song that reminds me a bit of Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild,” and a new track “Hip Shake Boogie,” a improvised, jazzy waltz of a song.

Live From The Long island Blues Warehouse is a solid live performance, backed up by commendable performances by the bassist (Tim Blair), drummer (Paul Broderick) and harmonica player (Gary Keith). It’s a performance well worth listening to if you want some old rock style blues with psychedelic guitar riffs.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Full Moon On Main Street
– Strong Temptation
– Dixie
– Hip Shake Boogie

The Big Hit

– Full Moon On Main Street

Review by Josh May

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