The Blue News: Wartime Songs EP Review

Wartime Songs is the new EP from The Blue News. The Blue News are a two piece blues rock band based out of Terre Haute, Indiana featuring Brent Orndorff on guitar and vocals, and Dusty Richardson on drums.

Wartime Songs features 6 tracks with the strongest being “Hypnotized.” It’s obvious from listening to Wartime Songs that The Blue News are highly influenced by The Black Keys as they have a similar raw sound. Orndorff has a great voice for blues and his vocals work really well with the style of music.

The Blue News have been gaining momentum in recent years with their music featured nationally on networks like USA and CBC as well as in the Rock Band video games series. The Blue News are a group to keep an eye on as Wartime Songs is a great introduction to the band and definitely worth a listen for any fan of blues rock.

The Review: 7/10

The Big Hit

– Hypnotized

01 The Blue News – Hypnotized by bluenews

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