Scott McKeon: Trouble Review

Trouble is the second album from 23-year old Scott McKeon. McKeon is one of the best young guitarists from the Britsh blues scene. While McKeon can shred his music plays more to the mainstream with blues influences.

Trouble starts off very strong with the ever catchy “The Girl.” If one thing can be said about this album there are plenty of catchy tunes. Most of the songs are very radio friendly and comparisons can be made to John Mayer. He even has David Ryan Harris from John Mayer’s band to guest on “Talk To Me.”

While Trouble is a solid album some of the songs do sound like you’ve heard them before. McKeon has a lot of a talent, but hopefully he will make more steps to find his own sound on the next album.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– The Girl
– I Can Tell
– Trouble
– Talk To Me
– Broken Man

The Big Hit

– The Girl

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