Philip Sayce: Peace Machine Review

Peace Machine was the debut studio album from Philip Sayce. Released in 2005 Peace Machine is a real diamond in the rough.

Having heard Sayce’s newest album Innerevolution first, I was quick to pick up Peace Machine too as I would rate Innerevolution the best album of 2010. Peace Machine contains some absolute shredding from Sayce. I would venture to say he is currently the best strat player in the world of anyone still making music.

Peace Machine is non stop rocking. My only complaint about the album is it is not extremely diverse as it contains mostly fast rockers, but the instrumental track “Alchemy” is one of the best I have ever heard. Songs like “Over My Head” also should have seen major commercial success.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– One Foot In The Grave
– Powerful Thing
– Cinnamon Girl
– Over My Head
– Alchemy

The Big Hit

– Over My Head

The Masterpiece

– Alchemy: One of the best instrumental pieces I have ever heard.

Pete Francis

Pete Francis is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blues Rock Review. Pete founded Blues Rock Review in 2010 because he felt there was a major void in how the blues rock genre was covered. Pete is the host of Blues Rock Weekly and a co-host on the Blues Rock Show.

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