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Top 20 Albums of 2013

Once again it has been a great year for blues rock. With several fantastic releases to choose from, the staff of Blues Rock Review narrowed down our favorites from the year. These 20 albums were voted blues rock’s best for 2013.

Free Download: Blues Rock Review Album Sampler Volume 3

The Blues Rock Review Album Sampler: Volume 3 features nine exciting blues rock acts from around the globe, and is now available for free download. TRACK LISTING 1. Lance Lopez – Get Out And Walk 2. Jake Chisholm – That’s All They Could See 3. The Heavy Heavy Hearts – Bottom Of The Bottle 4. Albany Down […]

Unwed Mothers Review

On April 11, 2013, Unwed Mothers will release their self-titled debut album, introducing the music world to a blues/rock/folk/soul sound that is distinctly their own. Julie Adams, with her sultry, raw, and soulful voice, is the band’s front-woman. On guitar, Michael James will stun any listener with simple yet impeccable playing and catchy riffs. Kurtis […]

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