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The Stone Foxes: An Interview With Shannon Koehler

Take A Trip To Visalia With The Stone Foxes Fresh off the release of their newest EP Visalia, the Stone Foxes are roaring with energy and ambition. Space robots, front porch sing-alongs, tiki bar hangouts–what do these things have in common? The Stone Foxes, of course–because these rockers just want to have fun.

The Stone Foxes: Twelve Spells Review

Twelve Spells is the fourth and latest release from San Francisco blues rockers The Stone Foxes. The album begins with a rapturous feel from the haunting, devil’s strut and mechanized power of “Eye for Love,” the guitar muddling through the sludge of discordant sound and ultimately ringing as crisp as blue water with melodies flowing […]

The Stone Foxes: Small Fires Review

In recent years, with the advent of bands like The White Stripes or The Black Keys, blues has received a little bit of a facelift.  Younger bands have been adding their own slant to our founding fathers’ music, a necessary move in order for any genre to survive.  Think of it as evolution via natural […]

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