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Shane Dwight: No One Loves Me Better Review

Just to get in front of this, Shane Dwight No One Loves Me Better is more country than blues. Don’t let that deter you from reading more about the album, which is hard-charging, with lots of rocking guitar, much of it courtesy of Dwight.

Shane Dwight announces “No One Loves Me Better”

Critically acclaimed blues maverick, Shane Dwight, will pull you into his house by the ear after the first chord of No One Loves Me Better out on Red Parlor Records out on April 5, 2019. This esteemed independent label has long been a champion of music’s best songwriters, and Dwight is no exception. This new collection of […]

Shane Dwight: This House Review

This House is the ninth CD of singer/songwriter/guitarist Shane Dwight; his first through Eclecto Groove Records, though. The album includes performances by Bekka Bramlett (guest vocalist/co-writer), Steve Mackey (bassist), Lynn Williams and Kenneth Blevins (drummers), and Doug Lancio (rhythm guitarist). This compilation of twelve easy-listening tracks contains audible confidence and musical charisma.

Shane Dwight: A Hundred White Lies Review

In his seventh studio album, Shane Dwight achieves a solid work. It’s not the most progressive blues rock record in recent memory, but it’s a great example of driving rock that doesn’t skimp on delivery.

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