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Sari Schorr releases “Ordinary Life” video featuring NYC lockdown

Sari Schorr has released a music video for “Ordinary Life,” which is a new track inspired by the coronavirus pandemic. Schorr was supposed to be on a European tour as this time until that pandemic changed that. Schorr is currently grounded in New York City, which is where the music video was shot. The video […]

Sari Schorr: Live In Europe Review

Sari Schorr is completely honest in her newest release, Live In Europe. Recorded on her last tour, the album is composed of twelve powerful and raw performances that showcase Schorr’s talent and stunning stage presence. The natural sound of each track makes the album all the more impressive and moving, setting Schorr apart from overproduced […]

Sari Schorr announces “Live In Europe”

Sari Schorr will release Live In Europe on March 6th through Manhaton Records. Schorr will follow the release his her largest European tour ever with 32 dates in March and April. “The time had come for me to get a bit messy,” says Schorr. Too much of my life was becoming cleaned-up in the carefully […]

Sari Schorr releases “Beautiful” music video

Blues rock vocal powerhouse Sari Schorr has released a music video for “Beautiful.” The track is featured on Schorr’s latest release, Never Say Never. The track also includes cameos from some notable faces in the blues rock world.

Top 20 Albums of 2018

2018 was an absolute banner year for blues rock that saw several fantastic releases. Once again, the staff of Blues Rock Review cast their votes along with a record turnout from our readers to determine the year’s best blues rock albums from an extremely competitive field. Here are the top 20 albums of 2018. 

Sari Schorr: Never Say Never Review

You can say a band is ear-catching, but it’s hard to prove scientifically. So when I say Sari Schorr’s second album, Never Say Never, is positively engrossing, it’s understandable if you’re skeptical. So, for research purposes, I’ll mention that this was playing while my ten-months-pregnant wife thought she might be in labor. And upon hearing […]

Sari Schorr to release “Never Say Never”

Manhaton Records is pleased to announce the release of New York born Sari Schorr’s second studio album Never Say Never on Friday 5th October. The new album was recorded in The Grange Studios in Norfolk and features Bob Fridzema (ex-King King) on Hammond and keyboards, Ash Wilson on guitar, Mat Beable on bass and Roy Martin on drums.

Top 20 Albums of 2016

2016 will go down as the best year the blues rock genre has seen in quite some time and perhaps the most competitive in the six year history of Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 list. With so many albums worthy of recognition, the readers and staff of Blues Rock Review voted on the Top 20 Albums […]

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