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Stream Rival Sons’ “Back in the Woods”

Long beach rockers Rival Sons are streaming “Back in the Woods,” a new track off the band’s upcoming album, Feral Roots, available January 25.

Rival Sons release “Do Your Worst” video

Long Beach blues rockers Rival Sons have released a music video for “Do Your Worst.” The track is featured on the group’s upcoming album, which is produced by Dave Cobb and should be released in 2019

Artists Similar To Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin are considered by many as one of the greatest if not the greatest rock and roll band of all time. If you’re a Led Zeppelin fan here are some similar bands worth checking out.

Top 5 Rival Sons Albums

Rival Sons are one of the top blues rock bands today. They’re also one of the hardest working bands out there with a relentless touring schedule. Here are the top 5 Rival Sons albums to date.

Rival Sons Interview: Michael Miley

Rival Sons has toured mightily around the world for years in pursuit of an enthusiastic fan base. Though the Sons have had difficulty establishing a large following in the United States (like most other blues-influenced rock ‘n roll bands these days), the four-piece is popular in Europe and recently had the chance to play for […]

Rival Sons: Hollow Bones Review

What better way to celebrate the start of summer than with a new Rival Sons record? On June 10, the Long Beach four-piece released Hollow Bones, their fifth full-length album and fourth with Earache Records. We last heard Rival Sons two years ago on Great Western Valkyrie, an album that earned the #8 slot on […]

Stream Rival Sons’ “Tied Up”

Rival Sons’ “Tied Up” is now streaming on YouTube. The track is featured on the group’s upcoming release, Hollow Bones, out June 10th.

Rival Sons: Jay Buchanan Interview

It’s going to be a busy year for Rival Sons – then again, what year isn’t? The Los Angeles-based rockers like to stay busy, both in the studio and on the road. They’ve hinted at a new album (their latest release was a tour edition of 2014’s Great Western Valkyrie, out last October), but the […]

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