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Marcus Bonfanti: Shake The Walls Review

Shake The Walls is the third full-length album coming our way from British rocker Marcus Bonfanti. The record is packed with exactly the kind of minerals you would expect from a seasoned man of the Blues genre. It has the essence of love, grit and the long road a man and his band must follow […]

Album Releases: June 2013

June’s Album Releases video features new releases from Marcus Bonfanti, Quinn Sullivan, and Cole Allen.

Marcus Bonfanti: What Good Am I To You Review

What Good Am I To You is the second album from Marcus Bonfanti. Bonfanti is another one of the up and coming young British blues guitarists. While most of that group centers around the electric blues, Bonfanti brings the more mellow acoustic side of the blues, though he does rock the electric on a few […]

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