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Kamchatka: Hoodoo Lightning Review

I judge the quality of a song by stripping it down to its barest essentials. If someone can convey a complex idea using just voice and instrument, you know it’s a solid concept. Because it’s way too easy for artists to hide behind lush productions that mask the absence of depth. So pretty much any […]

Kamchatka announce “Hoodoo Lightning”

Hoodoo Lightning, the 7th full-length album by long running Swedish three-piece KAMCHATKA is due for release December 6th, 2019. Ten brand spanking new slabs of relentless blues-infused riffage, soulful hooks and wild playing. 

Kamchatka: The Search Goes On Review

When today’s music industry demands hooks stationed around four chords and simple rhythms, it’s refreshing to find something just a little cleverer than the status quo.  That’s Kamchatka: essentially based in late sixties and early seventies, this is a band that isn’t afraid to tackle difficult rhythms and artful compositional structures.

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