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Joanne Shaw Taylor: Wild Review

Joanne Shaw Taylor’s fifth studio album Wild is a solid, modern blues-tinged album that seems to change with repeated listening. Wild is not wild: it’s careful and sometimes cautious, though there are moments of abandon that sneak in. Wild wears in well, rewarding patient listeners more than those expecting an immediate hit.

Joanne Shaw Taylor releases “Wicked Soul” lyric video

Joanne Shaw Taylor has released a music video for “Wicked Soul,” off her latest album, The Dirty Truth.

Top 20 Albums of 2014

It’s been another fantastic year of blues rock music. Our staff and readers voted on their favorite albums of the year and here are the best from 2014.

Joanne Shaw Taylor Releases “Mud Honey” Video

Joanne Shaw Taylor has released a lyric video for “Mud Honey,” which is featured on her upcoming album, The Dirty Truth.

Joanne Shaw Taylor: The Dirty Truth Review

The Dirty Truth marks Joanne Shaw Taylor’s fourth studio release and second time working with producer Jim Gaines (the first being on her studio debut some five years ago) with the goal of tapping into some of what drove White Sugar. The record plays out like what we’ve come to expect from Taylor – a […]

Top 5 Live Albums of 2013

2013 is headed for a close and it’s a year in which many artists took to the stage to release live albums. Blues Rock is a genre meant to be played for a live audience and these five bands were voted by the staff of Blues Rock Review as having the best live albums of […]

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Songs From The Road Interview

In 2009, Joanne Shaw Taylor debuted on the blues rock scene with White Sugar. Since then, Taylor has quickly become a prominent artist in the world of blues rock with the release of Diamonds In The Dirt and Almost Always Never. Songs From The Road, her first live album, was just released this month and George Ward caught […]

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Songs From The Road Review

Many months ago on a mid-May evening at The Borderline in Soho, I found myself sandwiched between several leather jacket, lager-guzzling rockers who were transfixed by the hugely talented Joanne Shaw Taylor. The gig was a one-take, no foul up concert recorded for this long awaited live album Songs From The Road.

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