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Blues Grammy Predictions

The 2020 Grammy nominees were recently announced. Blues Rock Review breaks down the “Best Traditional Blues” and “Best Contemporary Blues Album” categories with predictions.

Blues and Rock Grammy nominations announced

The 2020 Grammy Award nominations have been announced. Christone “Kingfish” Ingram continues his breakout year receiving a nomination for “Best Traditional Blues Album” with his debut album, Kingfish. Jontavious Willis also received his first nomination with Spectacular Class. Larkin Poe also received its first Grammy nomination for Venom and Faith. Rival Sons received its first Grammy […]

Jimmie Vaughan: Baby, Please Come Home Review

Jimmie Vaughan’s musical career has spanned both the blues and rock spectrums. He started as a raw, young guitar player, shifted into the rock influenced Fabulous Thunderbirds and then embarked upon his solo ventures. Baby, Please Come Home displays yet another facet of his talent as a mature, but still vibrant and enthusiastic bandleader. The […]

Jimmie Vaughan announces “Baby, Please Come Home”

AUSTIN, Texas — When it comes to the blues today, there are a handful of guiding lights to make sure the music stays true to its powerful source. The sound of pleasure and pain that first sparked musicians to create such a sound is a force that can never be underestimated. The mojo has to […]

JW-Jones: Belmont Boulevard Review

Canadian bluesman JW-Jones has been releasing music since the start of the century, and he’s not about to stop any time soon. Jones has grown as an artist since his debut Defibrillatin’ was released in 2000: he still plays the blues, no doubt, but he’s not as strictly tied to the genre’s sound and structure […]

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