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Jimi Hendrix – Always The Best

Jimi Hendrix – There isn’t another name as iconic. Metallica, Motorhead, Prince and the Pretenders have all stated that they wouldn’t have had the careers they’ve had if it wasn’t for Hendrix. What makes this man so legendary and why does he remain relevant, still to this day?

4 Jimi Hendrix numbers liked by music lovers throughout the world

Often referred to as the best guitar player to have walked the planet, Jimi Hendrix was a combination of a poignant soul, improvisational excellence and untouchable virtuosity. However, there was much more to the artist than being a badass axe-man – he was an amazing songwriter whose music although was rooted in conventions, never let […]

Top 2 Jimi Hendrix concerts that captured him at his spellbinding best!

One of the odd contradictory aspects about Jimi Hendrix’s shows is that regardless of being so amazing when performing live, he never liked touring. Defending his stance he would explain that ‘The Road’ of the 1960s proved to be a very punishing an unforgiving experience, despite the fact it was very well planned in advance […]

Hendrix still hits all the right notes in 2017

Even though he’s been gone for decades, Jimi Hendrix still makes the news today. This November would have marked Hendrix’s 75th birthday, and this year is also the 50th anniversary of his landmark debut, Are You Experienced. The catalog of work he crafted during his all too short career is still adored by legions of […]

Artists Similar To Jimi Hendrix

Are you a Jimi Hendrix fan? Here are some similar artists worth checking out.

Top 5 Most Influential Blues Guitarists of All-Time

There’s no question about it — the blues established the basic framework for virtually all pop music. Think about the slew of British bands during the time of their “invasion,” and the degree to which they emulated classic American blues acts. Or just look at any of the immensely popular contemporary bands who play vintage-style, […]

10 Transformative Blues Covers

Throughout its history, the blues has relied heavily on the reworking of stories and music with uncertain roots by modern artists. This list examines a selection of ten songs that have transformed over time and are recognized by many within the blues community as vital components of the genre’s ever-evolving songbook.

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