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The Story Behind the Song: Bull’s Chorus

Sometimes, music is more about the process and less about the progress. Even though a track might never be perfect or complete, the fact that it exists at all is magic, and a special stroke of luck. Even if it has a long way to go before its life is through, a song stands as […]

Jay Fraser Interview

Jay Fraser is a blues/roots musician from Australia currently based in London. In 2011 he released his third album, Buildings Of Dreams, and a new EP, Sketches Of A Renegade. Tyler Quiring was able to get the scoop on the new EP and Fraser’s future plans.

Jay Fraser: Sketches Of A Renegade EP Review

Sketches Of A Renegade is a hugely needed, freshly invigorating set of acoustic blues. From the moment Jay Fraser’s latest batch of recordings begins, its gloriously stripped-down songs strike a chord in the listener.

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