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Artists Similar To Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the most influential blues rock artists of all-time. He’s inspired countless guitar players and continues to do so years after his death. If you’re an SRV fan here are some similar artists worth checking out.

Indigenous feat. Mato Nanji: Time Is Coming Review

“Be true to who you are and what you want to do.” In an exclusive Blues Rock Review interview last summer, Mato Nanji of the South Dakota-based blues group Indigenous (and current Experience Hendrix touring member) offered this sound advice to artists looking to break into the music world. Though Nanji’s words of wisdom are […]

Indigenous Interview: Mato Nanji

Native American rocker Mato Nanji of the powerful blues group, Indigenous, began embracing the blues and utilizing his musical talent at a young age, as he was influenced heavily growing up by his blues musician father and his native culture. Now, with his 9th commercial record release, Vanishing Americans, Mato can be proven to practice […]

Indigenous: Vanishing Americans Review

Indigenous is a noteworthy rock group led by a sincere blues man and Native American, Mato Nanji. The band’s music is laced with the problems and harsh realities of reservation life, and Nanji’s Native roots can be found in each song; however, his undeniable, raw talent and respected nature certainly go above and beyond all […]

Indigenous Ft. Mato Nanji: Indigenous Review

Indigenous’ website bio mentions that the self-described “family band,” started out in the garage of featured guitarist Mato Nanji. Releasing their self-titled album with Shrapnel Records, it’s clear they have come a long way since the release of their album “Things We Do,” in the late ’90s. This newest release is a true blues guitar […]

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