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Henrik Freischlader Trio: Openness Review

After Henrik Freischlader’s last farewell tour with his band and 2014 live album many were worried that it might be the last we would see of Henrik leading a band for a while. Well, it appears that he is back with Openness after a short respite to recharge the creative batteries. For the new album, […]

Top 20 Albums of 2013

Once again it has been a great year for blues rock. With several fantastic releases to choose from, the staff of Blues Rock Review narrowed down our favorites from the year. These 20 albums were voted blues rock’s best for 2013.

Top 5 Live Albums of 2013

2013 is headed for a close and it’s a year in which many artists took to the stage to release live albums. Blues Rock is a genre meant to be played for a live audience and these five bands were voted by the staff of Blues Rock Review as having the best live albums of […]

Henrik Freischlader: Night Train To Budapest Review

Night Train To Budapest is the latest release from Henrk Freischlader. Like many of his previous studio releases, we find him in the studio after writing all the material on the album and laying down almost everything himself – guitar, vocals, bass, drums. This time he is joined though by one of his regular touring […]

Henrik Freischlader Band: Live In Concerts Review

Live In Concerts is the latest release in the prolific catalog of Henrik Freischlader on his record own Cable Car Records. It consists of two complete live concerts spanning four CDs that document the tours in support of his two most recent albums. With over four hours of material, there are plenty of great moments […]

Top 20 Albums of 2012

2012 is coming to a close and it has been another stellar year for blues rock. The staff at Blues Rock Review voted for the Top 20 Albums of 2012.

Henrik Freischlader: House in the Woods Review

The surplus of excellent albums being released right now continues with a candidate for the best Blues Rock artist to ever hail from Germany. Henrik Freischlader returns with another superb effort. After his last two powerhouse albums and a stint supporting Layla Zoe and Tommy Schneller you might expect a letdown in quality, but House […]

Artists Similar to Stevie Ray Vaughan

Are you a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan? You’ll want to check out Henrik Freischlader, Terry Quiett, and Lance Lopez.

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