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Eliza Neals: Black Crow Moan Review

Albums are like little ecosystems; one seemingly small change can completely alter the environment. That unpredictability is what makes an album exciting. The wild chemistry between Neals and guitarist Joe Louis Walker is what makes her Black Crow Moan such a thriving, thrilling biosphere of an album.

Facebook Live Concerts to Watch

Touring has come to a complete stop due to the coronavirus pandemic and artists are adapting to the changes. Many bands and musicians have begun doing Facebook live concerts as a way to continue to connect with their fans. Fans can also support the artists through virtual tip jars. Here are some Facebook live concerts […]

Eliza Neals: Sweet Or Mean Review

Accompanied by producer and guitarist Ted Horowitz (AKA Popa Chubby), Dave Keyes on keys, Chris Gambaro-Vega on bass, John Medeiros Jr. on drums, Ian Hendrickson-Smith on saxophone, and Michael Leonhart on trumpet, Eliza Neals returns with Sweet Or Mean. This electrifying EP shows off Eliza’s impressive vocals with tracks just as impressive as the rest […]

Eliza Neals: 10,000 Feet Below Review

10,000 Feet Below is the latest album from Detroit singer Eliza Neals and her guitar-toting consigliere Howard Glazer, and finds the pair harnessing an array of guest musicians in sessions spanning numerous studios but still producing a coherent collection of songs.

Eliza Neals: Breaking and Entering Review

Eliza Neals returns with Breaking and Entering and the gritty soulful blues singer delivers more of her signature sound.  Eliza had a hand in writing all 12 tracks on this album with the occasional contribution by fellow Detroit bluesman Howard Glazer who provides the guitars on much of the album along with a few guests.

Eliza Neals: Messin With A Fool Review

Messin With A Fool is an album from blues singer Eliza Neals. With the help of Barrett Strong and Martin ‘Tino’ Gross, Neals was able to make this album a great reflection of her influences.

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