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Facebook Live Concerts to Watch

Touring has come to a complete stop due to the coronavirus pandemic and artists are adapting to the changes. Many bands and musicians have begun doing Facebook live concerts as a way to continue to connect with their fans. Fans can also support the artists through virtual tip jars. Here are some Facebook live concerts […]

How Technology Is Changing The Music Business

We live in a world consumed by technology. Gone are the days of big CD collections and streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora are king, but how are these changes in technology affecting musicians today? Blues Rock Review spoke with touring musicians all over the United States to find out.

Diana Rein Interview

Blues rock guitarist Diana Rein sits down with Blues Rock Review to discuss her latest album, Queen Of My Castle, her influences, joining Gulf Coast Records, and more.

Diana Rein: Queen of My Castle Review

Diana Rein gifts us her third full length effort in Queen of My Castle. She has already proved herself an accomplished singer songwriter steeped in the sounds and licks of Chicago blues, and now aims a rung higher on her latest effort. Her previous albums The Back Room and Long Road, let her voice wander […]

Diana Rein: Long Road Review

Diana Rein, known and referred to by her fans as the Six String Siren, a suiting name for the Romanian born and Chicago bred electric guitarist returns with Long Road.

Diana Rein covers “Shake It Off” with a blues twist

Diana Rein has released a music video covering Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” with a blues twist.

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