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Crow Black Chicken: Pariah Brothers Review

Crow Black Chicken is back with a new album Pariah Brothers that may be their best effort yet. Pariah Brothers is twelve greasy songs, packed into a barbeque joint of sound, washed down with a big red soda. Crow Black Chicken embodies the sound of the south.

Crow Black Chicken: Rumble Shake Review

Crow Black Chicken is a band that values simplicity, from their simple bass-guitar-drums line-up to their live take method of studio recording. This directly affects Crow Black Chicken’s brand of rock, and the sort of raw, gritty sound that the irish trio is known for usually sounds like it has an authenticity about it that justifies […]

Crow Black Chicken: Electric Soup Review

The first thing you’ll notice about Irish three-piece Crow Black Chicken is that they sound big – remarkably big for a guitar-bass-drums outfit.  The second thing you’ll notice (besides maybe the psychedelic artwork) is that the trio’s debut, Electric Soup, overflows with energy.  It’s as though the group is driven to seek out whatever sonic […]

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