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Claude Hay releases “Burn” video

Claude Hay has released a music video for “Burn.” The song was the lead track on Hay’s latest album, Rollercoaster.

One Man Bands

One man bands are on the rise in recent years, especially in blues rock. Here are some great one man blues rock bands worth checking out.

Great Australian Blues Rock Acts

You may not think of Australia as a blues rock hot bed, but the country certainly has some great blues rock artists worth checking out.

Claude Hay: Rollercoaster Review

Claude Hay’s new album Rollercoaster is a corn dog wrapped in a funnel cake with a deep-fried Oreo for dessert. The album kicks off with “Burn,” a Cyclone of a blues-pop-rock beast, that doesn’t make you keep your arms and hands inside the vehicle. Soon to follow, “Rollercoaster,” the album’s namesake is a powerful slightly […]

Claude Hay releases “Love No More” single

Claude Hay has released a new single titled “Love No More.” The track is available for free download on Soundcloud.

Stream Claude Hay’s “Crossfire”

Claude Hay has released a new single called “Crossfire” as he sets to embark on a tour of Australia and the Netherlands. Hay’s 2012 album I Love Hate You was voted #4 on Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Albums of 2012.

Claude Hay: Live at the Clarendon Review

Award-winning folk and blues musician Claude Hay is known around the world for the resourceful performance style that has made his music so unique. A solo artist at heart, Hay’s utilization of looping pedals and electronic drum kits enable him to personally control each instrument for the duration of every song he records in the […]

Claude Hay and The Gentle Enemies Release “Borracho” Video

Claude Hay has released a music video with his new side project The Gentle Enemies called “Borracho.”

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