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Brutal Jooks releases “Running Far Away” single

Brutal Jooks has released a new single titled “Running Far Away.” Jooks is currently working on a new acoustic album. Running Far Away by Brutal Jooks

Brutal Jooks Releases “Have You Seen My Sister” Single

Brutal Jooks has a released a new single called “Have You Seen My Sister,” which is now available on bandcamp. Brutal Jooks previously appeared on Blues Rock Review’s Volume 1 Album Sampler.

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Brutal Jooks Interview

Brutal Jooks is a gritty new blues rock project helmed by Greg Reeves, who has recently worked with Hanni El Khatib and the Dead Kennedys. February saw the release of the debut album from Brutal Jooks, Believer. We caught up with Greg Reeves to discuss the album.

Brutal Jooks: Believer Review

Believer is the debut album for the Los Angeles-based Brutal Jooks. Songwriter and musician Greg Reeves is the mastermind at work behind Brutal Jooks and has recently worked with Hanni El Khatib, The Dead Kennedys and composed for A & E’s Billy the Exterminator. Following in the footsteps of popular indie rockers, The Black Keys, […]

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