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Blueheart Revival: Stone Feathers Review

Pillow-hugging and whiskey stains make up some of the subject matter of Blueheart Revival’s debut LP, Stone Feathers. A nine track melodic expression of despair with glimmers of hope, Blueheart Revival’s take on the blues is an easy, laid-back one that almost doesn’t quite match up with its lyrical themes. The five-piece outfit hails from […]

Free Download: Blues Rock Review Album Sampler Volume 4

The Blues Rock Review Album Sampler: Volume 4 features nine exciting up and coming blues rock acts and is now available for free download. TRACK LISTING 1. Jack Berry – Kiss Like 2. The Family Business – Rock and Roll Machine 3. Philip Morgan Lewis – Karma Comedown 4. Snake Head Ritual – Lay Your […]

Blues Rock Review Album Sampler Vol. 4 Available November 19

The Blues Rock Review Album Sampler Volume 4 will be available for free download on November 19 on Blues Rock Review. The first three volumes can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Blueheart Revival: 51 Sessions EP Review

Blueheart Revival comes onto the scene with the age-old adage that the classics never die. With classic blues progressions, their sound is tried and true. Bobby Thompson and Tommy Lepson combine for a vocal styling with the cool collectedness of Clapton, and the mannerisms of Chris Robinson. Toned perfectly for singing the blues, the two […]

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