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Albert Castiglia: Up All Night Review

Music is subjective, and what can be great for one listener can sound dry to another. Albert Castiglia’s Up All Night is a perfect example of an album that can be fantastic or disappointing, depending on taste.  Up All Night features Albert Castiglia (guitar and vocals), Brian Menendez (drums), and James Pritchard (bass).  

Albert Castiglia: Big Dog Review

Albert Castiglia knows his sound, has been around for a while, and due to this, shows a better side of himself album after album. His vocals have improved and he features a great band, resulting in a solid finished product with Big Dog.

Albert Castiglia: Solid Ground Review

Albert Castiglia’s latest studio album, Solid Ground, takes form as a focused and soulful record that could easily be considered his best work. Recorded at Fat Rabbit Studios in Glen Ridge in New Jersey, this album is tattered with gritty electric blues and poignant melodies. Castiglia and his band, Matt Schuler (bass/vocals), Bob Amsel (drums), […]

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