Album Releases: June 2018

June’s Album Releases video features new albums from Buddy Guy, Dustin Douglas and the Electric Gentlemen, and Kara Grainger.

Buddy Guy releases “Blue No More” single

Buddy Guy has released “Blue No More,” the second single off his upcoming album, The Blues Is Alive and Well, available June 15.

Premiere: Tyler Morris – “Livin’ The Life” video

In a Blues Rock Review premiere watch the brand new music video “Livin’ The Life” by Tyler Morris, which is featured on the 19-year-old guitar slinger’s latest album, Next In Line on the VizzTone Label Group.

“The message of “Livin’ The Life” is to take a step back and not take anything for granted. Ultimately, the message is to realize the positives that are in your life,” Morris told Blues Rock Review. “The style of the song is largely rooted in my European Blues influences such as Gary Moore, Ritchie Blackmore and Eric Clapton, which is a unique style to this song on Next In Line.”

Jeff Plankenhorn: Sleeping Dogs Review

Jeff Plankenhorn is an Austin-based sideman specializing in slide and slide-related music, including the Plank guitar, his own invention, that’s a cross between a slide guitar and a pedal steel, and that looks like something Jeff Healey would have loved. On Sleeping Dogs, his second solo album, Plankenhorn shows versatile songwriting chops, creating an album that, like his Plank guitar, exists across multiple genres. While it’s no surprise Plankenhorn touches on jazz and country, listeners might be pleasantly surprised by the New Wave vibe that runs through a few of his songs.

Hunter & the Dirty Jacks: Chase the Moonlight Review

The Los Angeles-based Hunter & the Dirty Jacks first came to Blues Rock Review’s attention in mid-2013, not long after the band of five formed. Featuring Hunter Ackerman (vocals, harp), Aaron Barnes (bass, backing vocals), Carmelo Bonaventura (guitar, backing vocals), Brian Lara (drums, tambourine, backing vocals) and Jon Siembieda (guitar, backing vocals), the Dirty Jacks quickly gained a reputation as a band with talent, heart and potential—they scored an early weekly residency at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica (the same club that previously hosted Vintage Trouble’s residency) and soon after partnered with Feed Your Soul, an organization that gathers food donations for the homeless. When Blues Rock Review spoke with the band in July of 2013, they spelled out a few key goals for the years ahead: They wanted to record and release a debut album (the powerful Single Barrel was released in early 2014 and was followed by Mixed Company & the Midnight Hokum in 2015) and expand their performance schedule to bring their music to more clubs and even more listeners. Five years later, the band is returning with Chase the Moonlight, a seven-track album that shows the band paying tribute to the California landscape that remains the jumping-off point for their music creation and performance.

Artists Similar To Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the most influential blues rock artists of all-time. He’s inspired countless guitar players and continues to do so years after his death. If you’re an SRV fan here are some similar artists worth checking out.

Buddy Guy releases “Nine Below Zero” single

Buddy Guy has released “Nine Below Zero,” the first single from his upcoming album, The Blues Is Alive and Well, available June 15th. The track is a cover of the Sonny Boy Williamson classic and is now available for purchase.

Mike Zito: First Class Life Review

Mike Zito said in relation to his new album: “I had this idea of ‘stepping up’. I want the world to know I can play this music with conviction and style.” He obviously can, as he just won Rock Blues Artist of the Year at the Blues Foundation Awards. First Class Life sees strong vocalist/guitarist Zito joined by Terry Dry on bass, Matthew Johnson on drums, Lewis Stephens on keys, and a guest appearance by Bernard Allison.

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