Rival Sons: Feral Roots Review

Power. Control. Mastery. Rival Sons are back with their sixth studio album Feral Roots—and it brings all three of these descriptors to life.

It’s been two and one-half years since the band’s last release, 2016’s Hollow Bones, hit markets, but more surprising is the realization that the band itself is fast-approaching the 10-year anniversary of its first album, the self-released Before the Fire of 2009. Rival Sons have come so far since then—they’ve toured the world with Black Sabbath, sampled a few different record labels and endured one major lineup change (parting ways with Robin Everhart and welcoming Dave Beste to take over on bass in 2013). Through it all, the last decade has served as a testament to where Rival Sons stand in the blues-infused rock genre—that is to say, at the top.

Alastair Greene: Live From The 805 Review

So many artists struggle to get their live sound down on studio records. That hasn’t been singer/guitarist Alastair Greene’s challenge. His 2017 Dream Train swings with the energy of a live show. But he finds another gear on the actually live Live From The 805.

Walter Trout: Survivor Blues Review

Walter Trout is back, and he’s once again encouraging his listeners to embrace the blues in a new way. For Survivor Blues, which Trout recorded for release on Provogue Records at Robby Krieger’s private studio in Los Angeles, Trout had dozens of songs in mind that he was interested in covering and, with the help of his wife Marie, narrowed the list down to 12. Odds are good that you haven’t heard most of these, even if you are a diehard blues fan—and that’s precisely the point of this album.

The Sheepdogs release “Saturday Night” video

The Sheepdogs have released a music video for “Saturday” off the Changing Colours album.

Bassist Ryan Gullen says about the new video,  “I really felt the last thing the world needed was another rock and roll party video in the traditional sense -however, it really felt like the right thing for the vibe of the song. To mix it up I got together my Grandma, some of her friends and a bunch of other folks from Saskatoon. Knowing my 84 year-old grandma and the people she hangs out with, seniors these days live a much more exciting life than what we traditionally think. We wanted to capture this spirit in the video and, obviously, they still know how to party.”

Ben Poole releases “Take It No More” video

Ben Poole has released a music video for “Take It No More.” The track is off Poole’s latest album, Anytime You Need Me, which was voted #8 on Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Albums of 2018.

Walter Trout: Survivor Blues Interview

We’ve seen a lot from Walter Trout in his decades-long career: He was Canned Heat’s guitarist in the 1980s, joined John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, started his own band and is currently one of blues’ strongest active musicians—especially considering his work over the last five years. After recovering from a liver transplant in 2014, Trout rebounded by releasing a stunning amount of material (one album each in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and another on the way later this month), each collection of which takes his interest in the genre in a new direction. Trout scored his first #1 on the Billboard Blues album chart with 2017’s We’re All in This Together, an album on which he specifically wrote or selected one song for each of the special guests who joined him in the studio. On Trout’s latest album Survivor Blues, out January 25 on Provogue Records, he again gives his project an unexpected twist, tapping lesser-known songs by the bluesmen he grew up admiring to cover, instead of the go-to picks that have already been reimagined too many times to count.

Robin Trower announces “Coming Closer To The Day”

It’s rare to find a ’60s legend still on trailblazing form in their eighth decade. The 73-year-old guitarist finds himself in a golden late-bloom of creativity. In recent years, his solo output has been championed by both press and public, with the impact of 2014’s ‘Something’s About To Change’, 2016’s ‘Where You Are Going To’ and 2017’s ‘Time & Emotion’ setting up some of his best-attended US dates since he conquered that continent with ‘Bridge Of Sighs’ in the mid-’70s.

Eric Gales unveils ” Something’s Gotta Give”

Eric Gales has unveiled “Something’s Gotta Give,” a new track featuring Grammy nominated vocalist B.Slade. The track is off Gales’ upcoming album, The Bookends, available February 8.

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