Ryan McGarvey: Heavy Hearted Review

I’m sincere when I say I privilege the song over instrumental acrobatics. Great songs are art. The ability to tap into human emotions is a gift. And not one to be taken lightly. But sometimes, you don’t need the art. Sometimes you just want to hear someone shred. Ryan McGarvey more than scratches that itch on Heavy Hearted, his fifth album.

Vintage Trouble Interview: Nalle Colt

The band that gained traction by delivering high-energy performances à la James Brown shortly after forming in 2010 is back with a new EP on November 9—but this isn’t the same Vintage Trouble most fans have come to know. The aptly-named Chapter II shows the band moving in a new direction genre- and production-wise, embracing the kind of pop elements under producer Jeeve’s stewardship that made credited influences like Amy Winehouse and The Weeknd rise on the charts and trading the single-take live recording style for individual in-studio tracking. This isn’t to say that Vintage Trouble is becoming a pop band—far from it. There are more pop elements in Chapter II, but there’s also more funk, more reggae and more hip hop mixed into the rhythm and blues style that the band sought to embody on The Bomb Shelter Sessions and 1 Hopeful Rd. It’s a new chapter for these musicians who’ve had success with the styles that first inspired them to create but who are eager to explore beyond those genre bounds.

Jawbone: Jawbone Review

Jawbone is a new and exciting London-based four-piece band. Beginning as a collaboration between established solo artists Paddy Milner (keys/vox) and Marcus Bonfanti (guitar/vox), the band was joined by the renowned Antipodean rhythm section of Bex Horan (bass/vox) and drummer Evan Jenkins.

Dan Patlansky releases “Too Far Gone” video

South African blues rock guitar wizard Dan Patlansky has released a lyric video for “Too Far Gone.” The song is featured on Patlansky’s latest album, Perfection Kills, released earlier in the year. Patlansky is set to release his first ever live EP on November 9.

Duane Betts releases “Downtown Runaround” video

Duane Betts has released a music video for “Downtown Runaround.” The track is featured on Betts’ EP, Sketches of American Music, released earlier this year.

Devon Allman, Duane Betts, form The Allman Betts Band

After a successful tour as the Devon Allman Project, Devon Allman and Duane Betts are forming the Allman Betts Band. The band also includes Berry Oakley Jr. on bass (son of original Allman Brothers bassist Berry Oakley), Johnny Stachela (slide guitar), and percussionists R. Scott Bryan and John Lum.

Hamish Anderson releases “Breaking Down” single

Australian blues rock guitarist Hamish Anderson has released a new single called “Breaking Down.” Anderson is currently in the midst of a United States tour.

Jonathon Long: Jonathon Long Review

You might be tempted to think that this self-titled album from Louisiana’s Jonathon Long is his debut. But you’d be wrong, because he’s recorded a few LPs already, under the moniker Jonathon ‘Boogie’ Long. This album represents something of a reinvention then, as Long joins the same management team as Samantha Fish, who has produced this outing and on whose own Wild Heart Records it’s released. And from what I’ve heard of Long’s previous work, it also marks a slight shift in musical direction. As Long himself puts it, “There was a time I played a lot of shuffles, but now I’m in a different blues genre. I’ve been Boogie since I was two years old, and now it’s time to be just Jonathon Long.”

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