Take Your Playing to the Next Level: Must Have Accessories for Drummers

Drummers know solid equipment is key to producing high-quality blues rock music. A complete kit will include drumsticks, cymbals, bass drum snare drum, and more.

Allman Betts Band to release second album in June

The Allman Betts Band will release its second album in June of 2020. The band released its debut album, Down To The River, this past summer, which was voted to Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Albums of 2019.

Stream Gary Moore’s “Since I Met You Baby” live

Gary Moore’s “Since I Met You Baby” is now streaming. The track is from the upcoming release, Live From London, out January 31st.

Keb’ Mo’ releases “Merry Merry Christmas” video

Keb’ Mo’ has released a music video for “Merry Merry Christmas.” The track is featured on Keb’ Mo’s new Christmas album, Moonlight, Mistletoe, & You.

Madison House agency brings Taylor Scott to Nashville

The Basement is not easy to find. Walking from my car up a dark, residential side street and back down the alley to the gravel lot, there are often patrons confusedly searching for the graffiti and sticker-laden porch entrance. The heavy drone of the cozy, underground, kind-of-dank venue eventually attracts the stragglers.

Larkin Poe release “Mississippi” video

Larkin Poe has released a music video for “Mississippi.” The track is featured on the group’s Grammy nominated album, Venom and Faith, which also landed a spot on Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Albums of 2018.

Zack Walther Band: The Westerner Review

With his long-time drummer and creative partner Matt Briggs, Zack Walther reassembles his eponymous band to release The Westerner, an LP comprised of 10 songs (seven of them new) in the Texas-steeped sound of blues-country rock. Mike Atkins (keys, bass, vocals) joins the duo along with a number of other musicians, creating a diverse set of tightly composed tunes that—with the exception of one five-minute song—all range from three to four minutes in length. Recorded at Briggs’s studio, the tandem incorporate a bevy of instruments and vary their voicings in such a way that no two songs sound the same. They also demonstrate a great grasp of the importance of space and nuance in music, and thus avoid the common pitfalls of oversaturation and overproduction.

Most Anticipated Albums of 2020

2019 is coming to a close and now it’s time to look forward to 2020. Several major albums are scheduled to be released over the course of the next year. Here are the most anticipated albums of 2020 in the world of blues rock.

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