Jonathon Long: Jonathon Long Review

You might be tempted to think that this self-titled album from Louisiana’s Jonathon Long is his debut. But you’d be wrong, because he’s recorded a few LPs already, under the moniker Jonathon ‘Boogie’ Long. This album represents something of a reinvention then, as Long joins the same management team as Samantha Fish, who has produced this outing and on whose own Wild Heart Records it’s released. And from what I’ve heard of Long’s previous work, it also marks a slight shift in musical direction. As Long himself puts it, “There was a time I played a lot of shuffles, but now I’m in a different blues genre. I’ve been Boogie since I was two years old, and now it’s time to be just Jonathon Long.”

Stream Rival Sons’ “Back in the Woods”

Long beach rockers Rival Sons are streaming “Back in the Woods,” a new track off the band’s upcoming album, Feral Roots, available January 25.

Sean Chambers: Welcome to My Blues Review

I’m a huge Stevie Ray Vaughan fan, and as such, I’m sensitive to any artist I feel is borrowing too heavily from his work. But when I say Sean Chambers’ latest, Welcome to My Blues is Vaughan-influnced, I mean it as a compliment. Chambers’ seventh album features funky rhythms, incendiary blues runs, and just the right touch of Jimi Hendrix fuzz and mania, all of which will delight fans of the late Vaughan, without pilfering from Vaughan’s legacy.

Gary Clark Jr. releases trailer for new album

Gary Clark Jr. has released a teaser trailer for his new album set to be released in 2019.

MC50: Portland, Oregon Gig Review

The MC5 (Motor City 5) were a badass hippie band from Detroit, Michigan who played rebellious hard rock inspired by the Yippies at the riotous 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago that had the police cracking heads and tear gassing peaceful protesters. Two months after the brutal experience provided by Mayor Richard Daly the band recorded its debut album, Kick Out the Jams, at the Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan on October 30 & 31. The raw intensity of their performance was captured and distributed to the masses as guerilla rock & roll. Their music was influenced by blues, jazz and rock as they mixed it with politics and formed a coalition with the “White Panther Party” through their manager, John Sinclair.

Wille and the Bandits release “Find My Way” video

Wille and the Bandits have released a music video for “Find My Way.” The track is off the group’s upcoming album, Paths, available February 1, 2019.

Anthony Gomes: Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars Review

Blues rocker Anthony Gomes returns with Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars. In an interview with Blues Rock Review last year, Gomes told us he believed this would be his best album yet from the songs to the production, he wasn’t lying. Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars is a celebration of blues rock from an artist who’s not afraid to be who he is.

Alastair Greene: Live From The 805 Interview

Alastair Greene is a busy man. The blues rocker is constantly touring. Last year, Greene released Dream Train and this year saw the release of Live From The 805. Blues Rock Review caught up with Greene to discuss the new live album and more.

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