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WILSON T KING - Secoy - 12-14-2012

This is a Tremendous Guitar Axe Master. Love the Pink Floyd feel to some of the Music. The first album by Wilson was Follow Your First Mind. I bought the cd from the Artist and liked it alot. The new album Last Of The Analogues seems to be a little better upon the first listen. After reading the Review on BRR I thought I would post some songs and video of the artist for everyone to get more info on the band. I bought the download and have sent an email to the Artist to see if a cd is available.
I have read that Wilson is already working on his 3rd release and a DVD to be released in January 2013. I look forward to more music by Wilson T King.

RE: WILSON T KING - sopaw28 - 12-16-2012

Very awesome. Need to find me those albums

RE: WILSON T KING - Secoy - 12-16-2012

I have talked with Tim Wilson and I have found out that a Download is all that is available for the new album. Not sure if Follow Your First Mind is still available on cd. It was difficult to locate even when it came out.

RE: WILSON T KING - sopaw28 - 12-16-2012

i will look around....good find though.

RE: WILSON T KING - Secoy - 12-17-2012

Hey Southpaw here is a video of Vigilante Man from the first album and also an interview with the artist. Pretty cool.

RE: WILSON T KING - sopaw28 - 12-17-2012

Thanks Secoy

RE: WILSON T KING - pfrancis - 12-17-2012

Album is available on bandcamp.

RE: WILSON T KING - sopaw28 - 12-18-2012

(12-17-2012, 10:24 PM)pfrancis Wrote: Album is available on bandcamp.

That is why you are the editor and are the man....thank you

RE: WILSON T KING - srv84 - 12-19-2012

Damn! Where did this guy come from!!!!??? Awesome stuff!

RE: WILSON T KING - Amanda_L - 12-21-2012

This music is great, so chill and awesome and I love the feel of his videos too, very psychedelic. Thanks Secoy for the find and Pfrancis for the album download link.