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Full Version: What would you like to see more of on BRR?
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We've been adding some more new features this summer such as Artist Blogs, videos, and the forum. What would you like to see more of on BRR?
This is a tough one. Mainly because the website already has alot of awesome content. Especially the blogs by people like Dan Patlanskey. I love reading that kind of stuff, especially because Im a working musician as well.

I imagine alot of people that check your site are musicians, and I think thats a good group to cater to. Most blues fans, are blues least thats what Ive noticed. You dont meet alot of white collar bankers that just happen to dig the blues, and blues rock. Most of us have played an instrument or sang the blues all of our lives.

I also like the "artists similar to" articles. Those are very informative, and Im always looking for new tunes! Your album summaries/reviews are top notch, and I know you have to dig for alot of those.

Keep up the good work!

So to answer your question, I would say more blogs and interviews. But its hard to be more informative than you already are!
I voted for interviews but really pretty happy with what you hare providing here. Great stuff. Thanks
First off, let me state that I'm just happy if it's active and running - like it is now. If I have to give some input than it would be about the design. The site has brilliant content and the blog-like structure isnt realy the most suitable. This could be done in two ways;
a) a google posts like, 3 collumn structure with a modern header.
b) fontpage forum driven (this would require some coding) which would drive towards the community.
The argument for the forum is it's extremly customizable and offers funcionality, at it's proven that good driven forums can last.

As I stated, the content as it is now is pretty much everything you need.

Edit: I would also like to see the forum getting tapatalk support, it can be done in 10 minutes.
err, more forum users Big Grin