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Take Your Playing to the Next Level: Must Have Accessories for Drummers

Drummers know solid equipment is key to producing high-quality blues rock music. A complete kit will include drumsticks, cymbals, bass drum snare drum, and more.

Tips: How To Play Blues Music With Your Violin

Tips: How to Play Blues Music with Your Violin When you think about blues music you don’t always think of the violin, but the style does exist. Many violinists over time venture to expand their playing skills through learning genres outside of what they used to perform. However, similar to how all violinists learned playing classical […]

Behind John Mayer’s “I Guess I Just Feel Like”

John Mayer has never shied away from saying how he truly feels through his songs, but his recent single ‘I Guess I Just Feel Like’ is the artist stripped down to the core. This is his first track since his 2018 hit single ‘New Light’, but this time, his only goal is to be honest.

Looking To Gain More SoundCloud Plays? Here’s How

The path to stardom is not always the easiest – especially when you have to scratch from rock bottom. If you’re just a kid from the suburbs brought up by simple yet hardworking parents with no convenient connections, it can be a great big world out there. Too big, in fact, that you’ll find yourself […]

Duff McKagan: Back in Guns N’ Roses

Duff McKagan is an experienced bass player who is part of Guns N Roses rock band. Today, the rock icon comes with a new solo album and a new comeback with his GNR band. In 2016, Duff McKagan played at the Grammys with Alice Cooper’s superband, Hollywood Vampires. With the passing of Motorhead’s lead, Lemmy […]

Are Online Guitar Lessons Effective?

Some of you may doubt online education. In fact, you wouldn’t be in this article if you didn’t. Well, it’s not like you’re at fault though. Society – well, the majority of it at least – makes us think that anything unconventional is not to be trusted. It teaches us that the proven ways are […]

Upcoming blues festivals

Each year, all types of festivals are held all around the globe. Blues festivals are quite popular with music lovers and there are some great festivals that will be coming in 2019. Here are some blues events and festivals worth checking out in 2019.

The instruments you need to learn to play blues rock

Blues Rock music is the fusion genre most identifiable with the 1960’s and 1970’s rock music scene that made Led Zeppelin, Cream, Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, The Rolling Stones, and The Allman Brothers Band famous.

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