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Upcoming blues festivals

Each year, all types of festivals are held all around the globe. Blues festivals are quite popular with music lovers and there are some great festivals that will be coming in 2019. Here are some blues events and festivals worth checking out in 2019.

The instruments you need to learn to play blues rock

Blues Rock music is the fusion genre most identifiable with the 1960’s and 1970’s rock music scene that made Led Zeppelin, Cream, Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, The Rolling Stones, and The Allman Brothers Band famous.

3 Music documentaries you’ll never forget

Music can inspire us, break our hearts and make our souls soar to dizzying heights. The popularity of the recently released biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is just one example of how we continue to be  fascinated by the lives of artists that create music. Quite often the music that we hear has an incredible story and journey […]

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blues Rock Vinyl Collection

Compact discs put the vinyl industry out of business in the 1990s. However, just like any other trend, the world is witnessing a blast from the past. CDs are out, and vinyl is back in as collectors scramble to find the artists they love in their original format. If you’re looking to start your Muddy Waters […]

Jimi Hendrix – Always The Best

Jimi Hendrix – There isn’t another name as iconic. Metallica, Motorhead, Prince and the Pretenders have all stated that they wouldn’t have had the careers they’ve had if it wasn’t for Hendrix. What makes this man so legendary and why does he remain relevant, still to this day?

Creative history and influence of Joe Bonamassa

Today Joe Bonamassa is one of the most accomplished guitarists in modern day blues and rock. Bonamassa was born on the 8th of May 1977 in New Hartford, New York and started to learn how to play the guitar encouraged by his own father who was a big music fan. Actually, as Joe Bonamassa stated, […]

3 Songwriting and Performing Tips for Aspiring Blues Rockers

Looking to channel your inner Jimmy Page or Jack White and have absolutely no idea where to start? Don’t freak out. Blues rock represents a genre with so much soul and personality; however, it also represents a style that’s deeply rooted in technical skill and a highly specific sound. That said, writing, recording and performing […]

Top Electric Guitars to Play Rock and Blues

Though we might not all be vying to be rock stars, there’s something great about having a brilliant guitar for rock and blues. While these genres might seem rather different, the following guitars are great multitaskers.

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