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Jocelyn and Chris Arndt: Go Review

Joceyln & Chris Arndt are back and are set to captivate audiences with their sophomore album Go. Both members of the sibling duo from Fort Plain, New York contain elements of high energy and rough, raw, grit in their toolboxes, as well as tender and soulful qualities. Together they use all of these aspects of […]

Casey James: Strip It Down Review

Casey James is back with Strip It Down, an appropriately titled album given the raw and rooted songs it contains. Strip It Down is a danceable album that is truly blues at its core. This album is the perfect soundtrack for any party or car ride, alone or with a group.

Gwyn Ashton: Solo Elektro Review

The first time I listened to Gwyn Ashton’s Solo Elektro, I did so blind and without any prior knowledge. I found myself wondering why his drummer only used a bass drum. Then I realized Gwyn Ashton’s drummer was the same as his guitarist, as his vocalist.  This is a forgivable mistake because the wall of […]

Popa Chubby: Two Dogs Review

It says in the PR material that Popa Chubby, aka New Yorker Ted Horowitz, describes his performance style as “the Stooges meets Buddy Guy, Motorhead meets Muddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix meets Robert Johnson”. Well, perhaps not. But I don’t say that to put him down. I just think he’s a less manic kind of […]

Larkin Poe: Peach Review

Larkin Poe stuns with its latest album Peach. The sisters that make up the band, Rebecca and Megan Lovell, infuse high level production, intoxicating melodies, meaningful and clever lyrics, and Americana roots to create a truly unforgettable album.

Albert Castiglia: Up All Night Review

Music is subjective, and what can be great for one listener can sound dry to another. Albert Castiglia’s Up All Night is a perfect example of an album that can be fantastic or disappointing, depending on taste.  Up All Night features Albert Castiglia (guitar and vocals), Brian Menendez (drums), and James Pritchard (bass).  

Greta Van Fleet: From The Fires Review

2017 has been an incredible year for Greta Van Fleet. The young four piece band out of Frankenmuth, Michigan consists of brothers Josh Kiszka (vocals), Jake Kiszka (guitar), Sam Kiszka (bass/keyboards), and Danny Wagner (drummer). Back in April the band exploded onto the scene with the four track EP, Black Smoke Rising, which has been […]

Samantha Fish: Belle of the West Review

Samantha Fish’s new studio album Belle of the West will be released on November 17th, and everyone should get excited. Belle of the West is Fish’s second album of 2017 since Chills & Fever. Chills & Fever fans will appreciate the continued vintage attitude and instrumentation found in this new album, however they will find […]

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