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Ben Poole: Anytime You Need Me Review

Over the the past eight years I’ve watched Been Poole and have seen his career progress, slowly, to where he is now. This is his third album and the fact he remains loyal to the musicians surrounding him is very much to his credit. The go-to producer for many young Brit Blues/Rockers has to be […]

Rainbreakers: Face to Face Review

Garage rock is a funny thing. Many people think of it in terms fidelity and proficiency. If a band is noisy and ragged, they’re garage-y. If they’re clean and more technical, they’re something else. But garage is also about energy and striving. It’s about wanting to transcend the noise and lack of skills, but not […]

Tyler Morris Band: Next in Line Review

Rock guitar and pop share a love of the shiny and new. You rarely see a middle-aged artist crack the Billboard Hot 100, or get a press release promoting an artist’s recent 30th birthday. You’re much more likely to hear how young an artist is. Which brings us to Tyler Morris, age 19, and Next in […]

The Record Company: All of This Life Review

The Record Company’s new album All of This Life landed this summer like a cool breeze on a sweltering day: it’s refreshing, it’s needed and it just feels good. Ever since coming together in Los Angeles in 2011, The Record Company has stood apart from the crowd of blues-hungry musicians as a trio with some […]

The Apocalypse Blues Revue: The Shape of Blues to Come Review

I grew up in a ridiculously heavy metal part of Queens, New York. You could be mercifully teased for wearing a Guns n’ Roses t-shirt to junior high, since they “weren’t metal” (and somehow explaining they didn’t claim to be metal just made things worse). A special dispensation was given for the band Danzig, though, […]

Tas Cru: Memphis Song Review

Having never been to Memphis, I guess it’s difficult to define the music from there. But as Memphis is in the title of this CD, it is clearly  a  source of inspiration for Cru. The rest of his band, including Bob Purdy on bass, Dick Earl Ericksen on harmonica, Andy Rudy on piano, and Guy […]

Matty T Wall: Sidewinder Review

Western Australian Blues Rocker Matty T Wall released his highly anticipated new album Sidewinder on the 2nd of July (coming after 2016’s ‘Blue Skies’). With the help of Stephen Walker on bass, Ric Whittle on drums, and Gordon Cant on keyboards; Matty T Wall’s Sidewinder is blending elements across multiple genres, most notably Blues, Hard […]

Artur Menezes: Keep Pushing Review

There’s a story, perhaps apocryphal, about Albert King being able to palm a small pistol in his giant, Johnny Bench-like hands. This allowed him to slap people while also firing the pistol, making the recipient of the aforementioned slap think they had been shot, rather than merely slapped by a huge hand. True or not, […]

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