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Milligan Vaughan Project: MVP Review

Expectations have to be high when you team up the two names behind MVP – Milligan Vaughan Project. “M” is the soulful sounds of vocalist Malford Milligan who has been a fixture in the Austin, Texas blues scene for a long time. He is probably best known for the short-lived critically acclaimed ’90s blues rockers […]

SIMO: Rise and Shine Review

SIMO are not your average bunch of rock’n’rollers, that’s for sure. Although distinctly retro at times, with a welter of Sixties influences and a jam band capability at their disposal, the Nashville based trio still figure among the more avant-garde exponents of modern blues rock. Don’t buy Rise & Shine expecting to settle down to […]

Pam Taylor: Steal Your Heart Review

Pam Taylor’s latest solo album Steal Your Heart walks genre lines, teetering from blues, to country, to ’80s rock, and anything in between. She pulls from various contrasting genres not only from song to song, but from moment to moment, note to note. The frequent shifts are seamless, and when Taylor does cross a genre […]

Raoul: Say It Ain’t So Review

Say It Ain’t So represents Raoul’s latest foray into the realm of blues rock, and it delivers more than enough strong material to justify a listen.  The album prominently features Raoul Roux’s lead guitar and vocals, with Steph Nortje on drums and Nick Kuiper on bass.  

Jared James Nichols: Black Magic Review

Black Magic is an album as exuberant as its creator: it’s spunky, bouncy and about 10 other adjectives that can be used to indicate energy and enthusiasm. Of course, there’s also a guitarist with serious chops behind the microphone, so that helps. Set for release on October 27 via Listenable Records, Black Magic (produced by […]

Alastair Greene: Dream Train Review

Earlier this year, Alastair Greene left the Alan Parsons Live Project to dedicate more time to his solo career. Now, Greene slides back onto the scene with Dream Train, his first studio album since 2014. Led by Greene’s guitar and vocals, Dream Train prominently features Jim Rankin’s Bass and Vocals and Austin Beede’s drumming while […]

Mollie Marriott: Truth Is A Wolf Review

Mollie Marriott gets off to a memorable start with her debut album Truth Is A Wolf. This album, which will be released on November 3rd, 2017, has been much anticipated since the release of her single “Control.” Marriott is a singer with vocal ability that could have landed her singing anything from R&B to Musical Theatre […]

King King: Exile and Grace Review

King King is back with Exile and Grace, due out for an October 13th release. In 2016, King King’s album, Live, was voted Blues Rock Review’s top live album of the year and in 2015, Reaching For The Light was voted #1 on Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Albums of 2015. Obviously expectations were high […]

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