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Kamchatka: Hoodoo Lightning Review

I judge the quality of a song by stripping it down to its barest essentials. If someone can convey a complex idea using just voice and instrument, you know it’s a solid concept. Because it’s way too easy for artists to hide behind lush productions that mask the absence of depth. So pretty much any […]

GA-20: Lonely Soul Review

Formed in 2018 by Matthew Stubbs and Pat Faherty, GA-20 is a young and fresh band based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their latest release, Lonely Soul, demonstrates their love and dedication to the golden age of blues and rock of the 1950s and 1960s. The entirety of the album maintains a nostalgic sound while remaining original […]

Joanna Connor: Rise Review

I first stumbled upon Joanna Connor on YouTube, watching her perform an incendiary, electric cover of Son House’s “Walkin’ Blues,” seemingly performing at a backyard barbecue. It’s not unusual to see a flashy guitar player on YouTube, but Connor’s soulfulness and technique really jumped out at me. And apparently with others, as the video has […]

Ghost Hounds: Roses Are Black Review

Rock and roll doesn’t need to be raw to be effective. Roses Are Black features the Ghost Hounds producing music that rocks hard, but that is also tight and polished. The cohesiveness of the sound is especially impressive given the circumstances that led to the album.

Ash Grunwald: Mojo Review

Recorded from his hometown in Australia and all the way in Los Angeles, California, Ash Grunwald’s newest album, Mojo, is an exciting and outstanding blues rock record. Grunwald explains that the album is a “documentation of the twists and turns of a turbulent time in [his] life.” The positivity and energy of the songs on […]

Imperial Jade: On The Rise Review

Throwback rockers Imperial Jade return from the studio with their sophomore effort, On The Rise. Drawing from both influences and inspiration, the band expands their breadth while staying within reach of the ‘70s ethos that drives their songs. The quintet hails from Barcelona, but their style and vintage sound belies their Spanish origins. In fact, […]

Mike Zito and Friends: Rock ‘n’ Roll: A Tribute to Chuck Berry Review

Chuck Berry, the artist, was a genius. We owe just about everything great about rock and roll to Berry (and his pianist/collaborator, Johnnie Johnson). Singer/guitarist Mike Zito pays tribute to the artist on Rock ‘n’ Roll – A Tribute to Chuck Berry.

Black Stone Cherry: Black To Blues Volume 2 Review

With an aptly titled EP, Black Stone Cherry once again attempts a modern revision of blues staples, searing through another six, widely covered classics. Having tackled Muddy Waters, Albert King and Willie Dixon on 2017’s Black To Blues, the outfit takes aim at new handful of legends, delivering a tight collection of technicolor interpretations of […]

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