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Matt Pearce and the Mutiny: Gotta Get Home Review

The blues birthed heavy metal, mostly via Led Zeppelin. But even Black Sabbath began as a blues band, the same year Zeppelin formed, but without their influence. So consider it a team effort. Metal and blues rely on similar song structures and a love of prominent guitar. Metal added distortion and a huge drum sound […]

Gwyn Ashton: Sonic Blues Preachers Review

Gwyn Ashton delivers again with his 2019 album Sonic Blues Preachers. Ashton, nearing 60 years-old, tours the world doing one-man, psychedelic, electric blues and intimate acoustic shows. For Ashton’s ninth studio album, he teams up with John Freeman, who started his career alongside Bon Scott in Fraternity. The veteran blues drummer, Freeman, adds a groovy beat […]

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram: Kingfish Review

Expectations can be crippling to a young artist. Many, including no less than Buddy Guy, have called Christone “Kingfish” Ingram, age 20, the future of the blues. That’s a lot of pressure for someone younger than the vintage guitars favored by so many of his peers. But on his debut, Kingfish, he lives up to, […]

Vintage Trouble: Chapter II – EP II Review

At the end of February, Vintage Trouble unveiled a lyric video for a song we hadn’t heard before—an intriguing move, seeing as how the quartet released a five-track EP just last November. The song, titled “Don’t Stop Forever,” is solidly in the vein of last fall’s EP, a pop-leaning groove that deviates from the soul-rooted […]

Stef Paglia: Never Forget Review

Jimi Hendrix is tied to the blues because of how much he drew from it. He often covered classic blues songs live and wrote his own modern blues classics, like “Red House” and “Hear My Train A Comin’.” But for Hendrix, the blues was just one possible departure point. He pretty much integrated everything he […]

Hamish Anderson: Out of My Head Review

Far from the blues’ roots in the American South came a voice that listeners compared to velvet, a calm and controlled instrument backed by a steady blues guitar and inspired by the genre’s three recognized kings (Albert King, B.B. King and Freddie King). This voice, which belongs to the Australian singer/songwriter Hamish Anderson, delivered a […]

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Reckless Heart Review

It’s nice when an artist puts the rock in blues rock. Real-deal, authentic, old-school blues is great. Straight-ahead rock and roll is awesome. But when you have someone who can fuse the two, as Guns n’ Roses often did to great effect with their classic Appetite for Destruction, you’ve got something special. Joanne Shaw Taylor’s […]

Joey Landreth: Hindsight Review

Canadian guitarist Joey Landreth is back with his second solo album, Hindsight, which follows the 2017 release, Whiskey. Landreth is best known for his work with the JUNO award winning band The Brothers Landreth. Hindsight features nine tracks and is co-written and co-produced by Roman Clarke. The album is guitar driven and features a mesh of different […]

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