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Steve Rodgers: Head Up High Review

Fathers, sons, and rock and roll are a tough combination. No matter how close a father and son are, there’s a natural need for a son to not want to grow up in the shadow of his father. But rock and roll is a cut-throat business and a new artist needs to use every tool […]

Vintage Trouble: Chapter II EP Review

Who would have guessed that Amy Winehouse and The Weeknd would be cited as influences on a new Vintage Trouble release? The concept may seem odd at first, but when you take a moment to think about it, it’s not so wild—after all, this is the band that channeled James Brown in early live performances […]

Kris Pohlmann: Feel Like Going Home Review

For lovers of blues rock on the heavy side, this CD offers plenty of enjoyable songs. If you count (early) Status Quo, Gary Moore and Rory Gallagher amongst your favourites, then this is for you. Having said that, the emphasis on this well produced disc is on beautifully constructed ballads. The two openers detract from […]

Larkin Poe: Venom and Faith Review

You can find Larkin Poe, aka sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell, on YouTube, covering beloved songs, just the two of them on a variety of instruments, in a series they call “Tip ‘o the Hat.” Here they’ll cover anything from Black Sabbath to Son House to Jack White. If the song means anything to either […]

Dirty Streets: Distractions Review

Distractions (released on the 14th of Sept.) is the latest album from Memphis, TN band Dirty Streets. Being just a trio comprised of Justin Toland on guitar and vocals, Thomas Storz on bass, and Andrew Denham on drums; these guys swirl up a big sonic concoction of heavy blues rock, psychedelic rock, and a little […]

Ryan McGarvey: Heavy Hearted Review

I’m sincere when I say I privilege the song over instrumental acrobatics. Great songs are art. The ability to tap into human emotions is a gift. And not one to be taken lightly. But sometimes, you don’t need the art. Sometimes you just want to hear someone shred. Ryan McGarvey more than scratches that itch […]

Jawbone: Jawbone Review

Jawbone is a new and exciting London-based four-piece band. Beginning as a collaboration between established solo artists Paddy Milner (keys/vox) and Marcus Bonfanti (guitar/vox), the band was joined by the renowned Antipodean rhythm section of Bex Horan (bass/vox) and drummer Evan Jenkins.

Jonathon Long: Jonathon Long Review

You might be tempted to think that this self-titled album from Louisiana’s Jonathon Long is his debut. But you’d be wrong, because he’s recorded a few LPs already, under the moniker Jonathon ‘Boogie’ Long. This album represents something of a reinvention then, as Long joins the same management team as Samantha Fish, who has produced […]

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