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Peter Dammann (Waterfront Blues Festival) Interview

Peter Dammann is a seasoned blues musician that has played guitar professionally for his entire adult life, including twenty years with the legendary late Pacific Northwest blues harmonica artist Paul Delay. At the same time he’s the artistic director of Portland, Oregon’s “Waterfront Blues Festival,” which is the largest blues festival West of the Mississippi […]

Dany Franchi Interview

Dany Franchi’s new album Problem Child is some of the best modern Blues you can get your hands on at the moment. He’s from Genoa, Italy originally, but it seems as though he will call the U.S. home for now, as his passion is the Blues. Blues Rock Review’s Ethan Burke caught up with Dany […]

Eddy Clearwater Interview

Hailing from Chicago, Eddy Clearwater is a blues music hall of famer. Blues Rock Review caught up with Clearwater to discuss his life in music, a new record, and more.

The Sheepdogs Interview

Canadian roll and rock group The Sheepdogs released their latest album, Changing Colours, earlier this year. Blues Rock Review caught up with drummer Sam Corbett to discuss the album and more.

Albert Cummings Interview

Albert Cummings is a contemporary blues master, very much inspired by and in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan. On Live at the ’62 Center, his latest album, Cummings documents his legendary live show, demonstrating not just guitar chops but a strong, soulful voice. The fourth-generation master carpenter out of Massachusetts checked in with Blues […]

Danny Bryant: Revelation Interview

Danny Bryant is one of the most consistent and hardest working guitarists in blues rock. On April 20th, Bryant is set to release his new album, Revelation, and took some time to chat about it with Blues Rock Review.

Laurence Jones Interview (Podcast)

Laurence Jones joins Rory Auskerry on the Route 66 podcast to discuss his new album, The Truth, which will be released in the UK/Europe on March 9th.

Dan Patlansky Interview (Podcast)

Dan Patlansky’s latest two releases both reached #1 on Blues Rock Review’s Top 20 Albums of the Year (Dear Silence Thieves, Introvertigo.) Now on February 2nd, Patlansky will release Perfection Kills. Patlansky joined Rory Auskerry on the Route 66 podcast to talk about it.

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