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Moreland and Arbuckle ends after 15 years

Alligator Records recording artists Moreland & Arbuckle, whose latest album Promised Land Or Bust recently received a 2016 Blues Music Award nomination for Rock Blues Album Of The Year, have decided to amicably dissolve the band. They will play the remaining booked dates on their tour calendar. Guitarist Aaron Moreland plans to spend more time […]

Top 5 Joe Bonamassa Albums

Joe Bonamassa is one of the most prolific artists in blues rock today releasing studio albums and live albums nearly every year. With over 20 albums to date, we break down the top 5.

Premiere: Thomas Wynn and the Believers – “My Eyes Won’t Be Open”

In a Blues Rock Review exclusive, stream Thomas Wynn and The Believers’ new track “My Eyes Won’t Open.” The track is off the upcoming album, Wade Waist Deep, available May 19th. Thomas Wynn said, “The idea for the song “My Eyes Won’t Be Open” came from Eastern European lore. I heard once that if you […]

Top 10 Gary Clark Jr. Songs

In 2011, Gary Clark Jr. blasted his way into the public conscience with his electric debut EP, The Bright Lights EP. Since then, Clark has been a poster child for modern day blues rock releasing multiple studio albums and live albums. We break down Clark’s top 10 songs to date.

Jon Lantic: Jon Lantic Review

Jon Lantic is the self-titled debut release from South African musician Jon Lantic. Prior to launching a solo career, Lantic was a member of the garage rock duo, The Parlor Vinyls. Not only did Lantic write and perform vocals, guitar, bass, keys, and more on the album, he produced it as well and co-mixed it […]

Gary Clark Jr.: Live/North America 2016 Review

Gary Clark Jr. is back with Live/North America 2016, a series of live recordings over his North American tour last year. Having seen Gary Clark Jr. live for the first time back in 2012 I was very much looking forward to this release as the concert I saw him was honestly one of the best […]

Richie Kotzen: Salting Earth Review

Richie Kotzen returns on April 14th with his 21st studio album, Salting Earth. Kotzen has to be one of the most prolific artists out there today. In 2015, Kotzen not only released the solo album, Cannibals, he was also was involved with The Winery Dogs’ sophomore effort, Hot Streak.

Eric Gales: Middle of the Road Review

Born in Memphis, southern blues man Eric Gales aka Rawdawg, is back with Middle of the Road, which is his sixteenth album and he’s collaborated on countless others. A true professional and child prodigy, (he released his first album at just 16) Gales has been around the block enough times to give a tour.

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