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The Temperance Movement: A Deeper Cut Review

In the five years since the UK-based Temperance Movement released its self-titled debut album, it’s become increasingly clear that this band is on to something. Nearly two years ago, Blues Rock Review published a review of the band’s sophomore album White Bear, a collection that was solid to start with and has proven its staying […]

The Sheepdogs Interview

Canadian roll and rock group The Sheepdogs released their latest album, Changing Colours, earlier this year. Blues Rock Review caught up with drummer Sam Corbett to discuss the album and more.

AJ Ghent (J-Ent): The Neo Blues Project Review

The Neo Blues Project is the debut studio EP from AJ Ghent. Ghent hails from Fort Piece, Florida and his grandfather, Henry Nelson, is the founder of the sacred steel rhythmic guitar style. Ghent’s great uncle Willie Eason is the creator of the sacred steel tradition, so obviously he has quite the pedigree.

Kris Lager Band: Love Songs & Life Lines Review

On Love Songs & Life Lines the Kris Lager Band moves in a different direction, diverging from their funky, rock- and blues-oriented sound to deliver a more mellow, song-driven album reminiscent of Van Morrison.

Albert Cummings Interview

Albert Cummings is a contemporary blues master, very much inspired by and in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan. On Live at the ’62 Center, his latest album, Cummings documents his legendary live show, demonstrating not just guitar chops but a strong, soulful voice. The fourth-generation master carpenter out of Massachusetts checked in with Blues […]

Kris Barras Band: The Divine and Dirty Review

The Divine and Dirty is the first release on the Mascot Label Group from the UK based Kris Barras Band. Barras has started to make a name for himself on the blues rock scene in recent years, but The Divine and Dirty is the album that is going to really launch his career.

Danny Bryant: Revelation Interview

Danny Bryant is one of the most consistent and hardest working guitarists in blues rock. On April 20th, Bryant is set to release his new album, Revelation, and took some time to chat about it with Blues Rock Review.

Lance Lopez: Tell the Truth Review

The cover of Lance Lopez’s Tell the Truth features Lopez sitting on an amp in the middle of nowhere. He’s holding a Les Paul, his fingers seemingly caught in mid-solo. ‘Oh no,’ I thought. ‘This is going to be 45 minutes of endless guitar overplaying.’ But Lopez proved me wrong with a tasteful collection of […]

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