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Eric Steckel Blog #2: Home From The Tour

Well, well, well, where do I begin after a tour like that!?!? I can start with some “thank-yous” since that is the first thing that immediately comes to mind! The most important right off the bat is directed towards the fans, old and new. The fans are not only integral, but essential. Without them we’d have no reason […]

Eric Steckel Blog: Dismantle The Sun Tour

First of all, I want to thank Pete and company at for asking me to chronicle and blog about my winter tour. These guys have been very supportive of my career and music for a number of years and I’m very appreciative of that. This tour I believe will be a great one to chronicle seeing […]

Dan Patlansky Blog #6: On the Road Again

Well, this is the first blog entry in many weeks, due to me getting married and being on Honeymoon. It all was a well deserved break from the road but back to business as usual. Tomorrow the Dan Patlansky band hits the road again for a mini summer tour of South Africa, which I look […]

Billy Walton Band Blog #4: Winding Down The Tour

One of the highlights of the tour has been our show in Newcastle at the Cluny. The WT Feaster Band has a real following in this town and they packed the club. This is a highly regarded venue that has an amazing amount of talent coming through. It’s always fun to play these type of venues. 

Aynsley Lister Blog: Life on the Road

Touring over on the continent has always been enormously rewarding, particularly if you’re used to playing the UK! I’ve been doing it for 15 years and there has always been a vibrant scene over there for blues rock music. I mainly tour in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Austria although I do venture out to other […]

Aaron Williams Blog: Welcome to the World of the Hoodoo

I’m gonna tell you how it is, how it REALLY is. The road to stardom starts in your basement…sometimes you have to go back to move forward. I front the band Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo. A blues and roll trio out of Madison, WI. We feature the rawness and goodness of the cigar box […]

Billy Walton Band Blog #3: The Tour Continues

The Derby show was a blast, quite a rowdy crowd! It’s a beautiful town and I recommend a visit. As a band we really hit some high spots playing quite a few songs from Crank It Up. Alan has been running the Flower Pot for years and anyone who’s followed the UK blues rock scene would know many […]

Billy Walton Band Blog #2: The Flower Pot

I’m relaxing in Derby at the Flower Pot. This our second time here and we just wrapped up sound check. Last night’s gig in Evesham was a lot of fun. Our great friends, The Bad Boys, helped set up the show. We’ve done a few shows with them on previous tours.

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