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Davy Knowles Blog #2: Spark

In the last installment of this blog we looked at how I set about collecting ideas, and a general overview at my slightly haphazard creative process. But what about the actual ideas themselves? How do they come about? In the last blog I mentioned jotting musical ideas down in my phone as and when they […]

Davy Knowles Blog: Chicken or the Egg?

I’m not a massive fan of the preachy ‘this is how you do it’  articles that crop up so often.  I read them in hope they will make me a better writer, that they will unlock a secret, ancient formula that will turn me into some prolific modern-day Beethoven.  But in reality, and predictably,  I […]

Dan Patlansky Blog #8: Wrapping up the European Tour

After the last blog entry I had two days off in Munich before my last performance with Everlast. On the morning of the show at Backstage our German photographer took me down to her friend’s house, just outside Munich for a photo shoot. On arrival she mentioned that her friend was one of the biggest […]

Dan Patlansky Blog #7: Kicking off the European Tour

There’s nothing like a good 26 hours of travelling to kick off a tour. I left my house at 3 pm in Johannesburg, and arrived at our first port of call, Münster, Germany at 4 pm the next day. With no sleep and a small vomit at Dubai airport, we were finally there. For my […]

Marcel Ziul Blog: USA Tour

About a month ago I got the chance to play a few concerts in Los Angeles. It was the first time I hopped on a plane with my guitar and traveled abroad to promote an album. The concerts were very different from what I would imagine a major label artist’s ‘world tour’ to be like […]

Eric Steckel Blog #2: Home From The Tour

Well, well, well, where do I begin after a tour like that!?!? I can start with some “thank-yous” since that is the first thing that immediately comes to mind! The most important right off the bat is directed towards the fans, old and new. The fans are not only integral, but essential. Without them we’d have no reason […]

Eric Steckel Blog: Dismantle The Sun Tour

First of all, I want to thank Pete and company at for asking me to chronicle and blog about my winter tour. These guys have been very supportive of my career and music for a number of years and I’m very appreciative of that. This tour I believe will be a great one to chronicle seeing […]

Dan Patlansky Blog #6: On the Road Again

Well, this is the first blog entry in many weeks, due to me getting married and being on Honeymoon. It all was a well deserved break from the road but back to business as usual. Tomorrow the Dan Patlansky band hits the road again for a mini summer tour of South Africa, which I look […]

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