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Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea: Day 4 Blog

The final full day of the cruise found us docked in Nassau, Bahamas upon waking. With a temperature in the 60s it was unseasonably cold for the locals who were all bundled up and even wearing hats and gloves while complaining about the cold. Hailing from Minnesota though (where it was a frigid -4 degrees […]

Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea: Day 3 Blog

Day three found us at sea for the day as we headed to Nassau in the Bahamas. Many changes to the expected performance schedule since the weather was not really cooperating. Shows were forced inside because of the very high winds on the pool deck. Took a stroll outside on the deck on my way […]

Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea: Day 2 Blog

After a stop in normally sunny Key West for the day, everyone was back on the boat at 4PM and treated to a Pool Deck show by the legendary John Hiatt.

Keeping The Blues Alive At Sea: Day 1 Blog

As funding for music programs in many schools continues to plummet, Keeping the Blues Alive is Joe Bonamassa’s non-profit foundation that supports programs from pre-K through college students through helping over 21,000 students by providing everything from instruments and supplies to college scholarships. This is the maiden voyage of the Keeping the Blues Alive at […]

Dan Patlansky Blog #9: 2014 European Tour

We left Johannesburg and it was a hot 35 degrees. 31 hours and 4 international flights later, we arrived in a cold but beautiful city in Norway called Sandane for our first show at the Fjord Blues Festival. On the bill were some great local acts from Norway, some acts from the US like Texas Cannonballs, and […]

Dave Beste’s Top 10 Favorite Songs

Rival Sons recently finished recording their latest album in Nashville and did so this time with a new bassist, Dave Beste. Drummer Michael Miley said, ““Recording with a new Bassist [David Beste] was quite refreshing. Anytime you replace such an integral member, it can be stressful, and sometimes, just downright doesn’t gel. We got some DEEP, PHAT grooves […]

Davy Knowles Blog #4: Having Fun With It

In this last installment of my blog I wanted to talk about what I think is the most important aspect of writing, and music in general. Sometimes, in the frustration of the creative process, (or the frustration of being in this industry full stop!) it’s easy to lose sight of what got you into making […]

Davy Knowles Blog #3: Influence

We’ve already covered quite a bit of ground in this little blog series, and it’s been enormous fun for me to ramble on at you about my personal take on the creative process. I wanted to write a little bit this week about influences, and how I relate them to peanut butter and jam sandwiches. […]

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