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Dion releases “Song For Sam Cooke”

Dion has released “Song For Sam Cooke” with Paul Simon which is the sixth single from his upcoming album, Blues With Friends. “I wrote this tune back many years ago,” says Dion. “At first I just had the melody and the refrain ‘Here in America.’ A friend suggested I use an episode from my memoir […]

Larkin Poe release “Back Down South” featuring Tyler Bryant

Larkin Poe has released “Back Down South,” the duo’s fourth single from their upcoming album, Self Made Man, available June 12. The track features a guest appearance from Tyler Bryant.

Joe Bonamassa reveals “When One Door Opens”

Blues rock champion Joe Bonamassa has released a music video for his new ballad, “When One Door Opens.” The track was co-written by Pete Brown and produced by Kevin Shirley. “When One Door Opens” was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London and marks a new sound for Bonamassa. “This is the first track off […]

King King announce new album “Maverick”

King King has announced its fifth studio album, Maverick. The new record is slated to be released on October 16 via Channel 9 Music, which is King King’s new independent label. The album features 10 tracks and will be available on CD, vinyl, and other different bundle packages.

Lynne Jackaman announces debut album “One Shot”

British singer-songwriter Lynne Jackaman, former frontwoman of cult rock band Saint Jude, has announced details of her debut album One Shot, to be released August 14 on CD, DL and limited edition vinyl LP.

Larkin Poe release “Keep Diggin” video

Larkin Poe has released a music video for “Keep Diggin.” The video was shot and edited by Larkin Poe themselves. “Keep Diggin” is featured on the duo’s upcoming album, Self Made Man, available on June 12th.

Blues Rock Review celebrates 10 year anniversary

It’s hard to believe that Blues Rock Review has been around for 10 years, but we’re still around and kicking. Blues Rock Review was founded in May of 2010. At the time I was 21 years old getting ready to enter my senior year of college. I grew up always enjoying rock music but it […]

Dion releases “Can’t Start Over” video featuring Jeff Beck

Dion has released a music video for “Can’t Start Over” featuring Jeff Beck. The track is featured on Dion’s upcoming album, Blues With Friends, available June 5th. “My earliest influences were country blues, especially Hank Williams. Any money I earned I took to the neighborhood record store, where the owner used to razz me about […]

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