Premiere: Davy Knowles – “Oxford, MS”

In a Blues Rock Review exclusive, Davy Knowles is streaming “Oxford, MS,” the first track to be heard from the upcoming album, Three Miles From Avalon, available October 14.

Knowles tells Blues Rock Review, “This song for me all came about from a recent dive back into listening to a lot of Gospel/Blues vinyl records. Mahalia Jackson,  Sister Rosetta Tharpe etc. I’d had this guitar riff kicking about for a little while, but it all came together after writing that Gospel-influenced a capella chorus, with a bit of stomping and clapping thrown in for good measure! A fantastic vocal trio, ‘The Oh Yeah’s’, lent their amazing harmonies to the track, which I think really emphasizes that Gospel/Blues feel.”

“I’ve always enjoyed ‘story’ songs, and felt this needed a lyric that reflected the quite menacing and bluesy nature of the riff, and with a melody that shadows it. It’s a tale of gambling, regret and blackmail. Not autobiographical by any means, but sometimes dreaming up a good story and it’s characters and situations is just as rewarding as writing something more personal. I really hope you enjoy it,” added Knowles.

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